Alyssa and Stephen’s circus and Dr. Seuss inspired maternity session

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All photos by Brandi Thompson Photography.

Alyssa and Stephen are fans of bright colors, Dr. Seuss (Alyssa has a Truffula Trees tattoo!), and the circus. In fact, Alyssa used to work for a circus, and Stephen knows how to juggle. The pair asked Dallas-based Brandi Thompson Photography to capture their maternity fun. Much like the heroes of Captain Planet, when these two combine their powers and pastimes greatness follows:

I need to know how to make maternity tight-rope walking happen. Hell, I need to know how to make ANY tight-rope walking happen!

I just want to scoop them UP in all of their adorableness. Red and purple! Curls! Glasses! Juggling pins! GAH.

Oh, what was that you heard? About half of our readers falling out of their chairs due to the overwhelming spectacularness of these two photos? I probably should have warned you ahead of time.

ZOMG If I Ran the Circus and If I Ran the Zoo! I hadn’t thought about these in years, and now they will forever be associated with these two. Love!

Told ya she had a Truffula Tree tattoo!

According to Brandi there are more shots available, but they feature the baby’s name. Alyssa and Stephen are keeping their baby’s name a secret until after his or her birth in August, so for now our maternity fun starts here. So I guess you could close out the window… or you could scroll right back to the top and indulge in this series all over again.

Comments on Alyssa and Stephen’s circus and Dr. Seuss inspired maternity session

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this session, you guys! I love me some Offbeat Mama. 🙂 It’s great to have a unifying source for all of us ‘non-traditional’ type parents.

  2. Bwa ha ha… I got to help with this shoot, and I have to say, COME BACK FOR THE NAME PICS!! You think these are cute? Zomg, some of the name ones are brain-splodingly cute. 😀

  3. These are AWESOME maternity photos! So much fun! This kid is going to have such a fun childhood! Hope you guys post the name photos after the kidlet arrives! 😀

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