A simple sunset maternity session that will be hard to forget

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For all of the amazing things people have thought to do for their maternity photos (and trust me — we’ve seen some of the best around!) every so often it’s nice to keep it simple. These shots from Gregarious Peach are a great example of what I mean: just a woman, her pregnancy, and the world around her.

I am a BIG TIME fan of this dress!
Parking garages = an oft-overlooked photo session location. Just saying: they're awesome.
There's so much peace in this that it spills over. I loooooove.
So smiley, so happy. So perfect!

You can see more photos from the series at the blog.

Comments on A simple sunset maternity session that will be hard to forget

  1. I love that these are beautiful photos that aren’t over-styled. I feel like most of the shoots I see appear over-planned/-styled (for my taste), which creates neat looking photos. If I were pregnant, though, I would want the shoot to be about capturing reality, and this looks well done.

    Also: yay for urban setting! I love a city scene. Babies CAN be around cities! Not just prairie fields and flower gardens.

    • My maternity photos were “urban” too – and I love them! The only change we had to make was to photoshop out a graffiti penis in one shot. LOL

  2. I am the mama in these shots and how I love them.
    My favourite part of the shoot was the lack of styling. Thank you all for the kind and wonderful comments.
    P.S. The dress was a 10 dollar cheapies from SES.

  3. This whole session is extremely inspirational for me. Such beautiful setting choices and I’m all about the lighting. My *favorite* picture, though, is the one that’s simply of the mama’s bust, belly and the top of her leg. It’s just everything I think maternity shoots should be about. Gorgeous!!

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