Come indulge in sweet baby-Hobbit-sized chairs and vintage family photo goodness

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Chris and Emily were married over ten years before the birth of their daughter Della. Having Catherine of Calima Portraits stop by to document their new lives as a family seems to be a pretty great way to mark this new change in their lives.

All photos by Calima Portraits in Seattle, WA.

Catherine also explained, “Chris (the dad) is a lover of all things vintage, quirky, and homemade. He is obsessed with scooters and European cars, and he is the type of guy who always tries making something or buying it vintage before he will buy it brand new).”

This changing bed is maybe one of the coziest little things I've ever seen. Can you imagine being half naked most of the day on something like that?
Hi, Beautiful Blissful Moment.

This is a sweet photo, but I'm also crazy interested in that scooter T-shirt up there. Where can I score one in my size?
YAY, BABY AND DOG LOVE! Best friends for life.
One of Chris and Emily's friends made this chair for them! How fucking cute is this? It's like someone designed it for little Hobbit babies.

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  1. such cute pictures! i was just saying that i need to see photos of a baby and a corgi, and bam! there it is 🙂

  2. Corgi <3 (Oops, and I mean baby love too!) I hope to take such photos with my future baby and current Corgi too. 🙂 And the leetle chair, and the cute little ear-flap hat!

  3. I LOVE the decorations of that house. I feel like we need a tour on OBH. The Chinese lanturns + wedding picture + quilts = something they need to share 🙂

    Congrats on finally adding to your little family. All the blessings in heaven and on earth. <3

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