A stormy day family photo session at a playground

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If you live in or near Seattle and haven’t tried having your photos taken by Jenny Jimenez yet, this family photo session of Offbeat Mama contributor Alissa (you can read her previous posts about semi-open adoption here and here) and her compadres might just convince you to do so. If Jenny’s name sounds familiar it’s because she’s rocked Ariel’s maternity and family sessions in the past.

All photos by Jenny Jimenez.

Getting ready shots are some of my absolute favorites from family sessions. Plus: dig Jubilee's ultra-cute top! Swoon.

Um, hi, Total Bliss.
OH WAIT. THIS is Total Bliss.

Can we talk about how perfect this is? BECAUSE IT IS PERFECT. Hi, teeny little toddler babe! You're starring in one of the most perfect photos ever!

The sky + Jubilee's expression = the crazy coolest juxtapositioning ever.

Andrew: 'So, was that amazing or what?' Alissa: 'Amazing is the word.'

And OF COURSE there’s more where that came from — the full post is over at Jenny’s blog.

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  1. In love with this shoot and this family. My partner-in-crime and I are beginning the process of a domestic transracial adoption. A’s original post about adoption on Offbeat Mama (and the subsequent not a visitor blog following) helped me put down the Follistim, step away from the RE and start planning what felt right for our family – an open adoption. Every time is read about A’s beautiful and blessed family and see the gorgeous, blissful Jubilee, I feel a hope about the future of my family that infertility robbed me of for so long.
    Sorry for the long post – but truly, this family is such an inspiration to a family building itself through adoption.

  2. This is the best thing I have seen ALL. FRICKING. DAY. They are such a beautiful family! There is so much love among them all, I can’t even stand it! So sweet.

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