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Take a close-up look at real Offbeat Homes of all shapes, sizes and flavors.

This Seattle home comes with a three-story treehouse built into the deck

It’s not often — wait — it’s usually NEVER that I’d say one of the best selling features of a home is the unfinished treehouse built into the deck that looks like it might fall apart at any minute. Until you see the the unfinished treehouse built into the deck that looks like it might fall apart at any minute in this Seattle real estate listing

Stylized Paris apartment: Ever wanted to live in a Wes Anderson film? This Paris apartment will let you

Ever wanted to live in a Wes Anderson film? This Paris apartment will let you

My Modern Met featured this super stylized Paris apartment that looks like it’s the location for the next Wes Anderson eclectic twee-fest. The three-bedroom apartment occupies the top floor of a building located in the Passy area of Paris on the Right Bank, and you can count the Eiffel Tower among the sights of the view. But mostly, it’s the interiors that are making us beg for mercy from its gorgeousness.

The most ’80s room of all time (time after time)

Hold the phone! (The landline kind — you know, the one that’s wall-mounted and has one of those extra long cords?) I found THEE MOST ’80s ROOM OF ALL TIME. This room looks like it should be a set of an (early era MTV) music video. Or maybe a set piece from Earth Girls Are Easy. It shocked me to my core and then rocked me all night long, because it was so unexpected!

This mid-century modern lake house in Baltimore is ready for a swanky cocktail party

Another week, another Homie finds a fabulous time capsule home and immediately thinks, “Megan, this looks right up your time-capsule home tour alley.” Thank you, Becky. It does, and it is. And I MUST NEEDS SHARE IT WITH YOU!

This time it’s this 1947 lake house in Baltimore…

Offbeat House Hunters: The Northeastern Pennsylvania Edition

So which house did we go with? It was a tough choice… The Customized Cape Cod was wonderful and cheap but needed the most work. The Horror Movie Hallway was great but my husband’s commute would become a huge problem. The Four Season Porch seemed to be in the best condition but was at the very top of our price point.

We ended up choosing …

You won’t believe this nature-inspired, storage-MacGyver, Toronto studio renovation

My studio is nine by ten feet. Ninety square feet. That’s it. There was no closet, and I had a queen size bed to accommodate. I love interior decorating, and I especially love a good small space living/storage design challenge, so having my own little room to rent and play with was a perfect opportunity to flex that muscle while keeping costs relatively low…

If you love The Rocketeer, you’ll love this Art Deco home for sale

It’s basically like a hotel from the ’20s and an office building from the ’90s gave birth to this ridiculous home — complete with an homage to The Rocketeer (the ultimate Art Deco + ’90s combo!) — and it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen…

Miranda’s “if a gothic seamstress raided an enchanted library” bedroom

Take a tour of one Homie’s bedroom in her Toronto apartment, that she described as… “If a Steampunk pirate and a Gothic seamstress raided an enchanted library and then stopped by a plethora of flea markets and craft shops, I imagine they’d end up with my room exactly.”