This mid-century modern lake house in Baltimore is ready for a swanky cocktail party

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Another week, another Homie finds a fabulous time capsule home and immediately thinks, “Megan, this looks right up your time-capsule home tour alley.” Thank you, Becky. It does, and it is. And I MUST NEEDS SHARE IT WITH YOU!

This time it’s this 1947 lake house in Baltimore. It’s called the Eisenberg Residence (named after its architect, B.N. Eisenberg). And it’s considered “one of Baltimore’s most interesting Deco houses.” It’s for sale right now… including some of the awesome mid-century modern furniture found inside!

Also found inside: Hidden skulls, adorable curtains, the perfect fireplace, and so many time capsule decor details it’ll make you feel like you’re in an episode of Mad Men.

Pink door + pink flamingos = I can’t wait to get inside this place!

Oh! The door is pink on the inside too, and the living room furniture is orange, and I am already in love. Even before I saw the…

Fireplace wall! How cool is that!? But wait… it gets even cooler…

The fireplace is open on the left side, which means that it becomes visible in the dining room too. I can’t even imagine how cool that must have looked at cocktail parties in the ’50s.

Can we also talk about how cool the built-in shelves are? I wonder if those were original.

(Also, of COURSE this room has a lava lamp in it.)

There’s not much to this kitchen, as it’s very tiny. But I love the contrasting yellow and pink cabinets…

And the stainless steel countertop.

Y’all should know how I feel about pink bathrooms by now. ESPECIALLY ones that feature blue sinks and the cutest light blue tiles on the floor. Can I just steal that sink? Seriously.

The bedroom comes complete with vintage wallpaper! How great is this?…

And it looks like the cool fireplace wall detailing is carried over into the bedroom too. What even is that!?

We’ll end this tour where I’d like to end most of my days: On this screened in porch that looks like it was built out of old window screens.

Also, can I have that chair? …And this house? …And all the furniture? And also it’s free just because I’m so awesome and love it so?

Cool. Okay. Thanks.

Comments on This mid-century modern lake house in Baltimore is ready for a swanky cocktail party

  1. This house is in a weird area. It isn’t in “the hood” but it’s like…hood-adjacent? It’s been on and off the market for YEARS now.

    • Yeah, so many areas in Bmore are like that! My uncle lives right in this area. This is the third place I’ve seen this home blogged about, so maybe they will pick up a seller this time. Super unique.

      • Yep. Downtown, you can be on a safe block and be like 2 blocks away from an area where you don’t go if you value your life.

        It’s weird.

  2. All right, I’mma pick an important architectural nit here.

    This house, real-estate description to the contrary, is NOT Art-Deco. Instead, it’s the much much rarer Art Moderne style. Art Moderne is marked by smooth stucco walls, strong horizontal lines, flat roof with coping, streamlined and rounded-off corners, and use of casement and plate glass windows in conjunction rather than sash-hung. The glass-block tiles are also characteristic of the style.

    1947 is REEEEEALLY late to find an example of classic Art Moderne (it was a 1930s style and never really predominant in any case), but there is no question in my mind that’s what this is. (I even went and dug out my architectural style reference to be sure I wasn’t talking through my hat.)

    • Damn it’s sexy when you pick important architectural nits. 😉

      I’m so glad you commented, because, despite the real estate description, I didn’t feel like this was Art Deco as I knew it. So I found myself NOT tagging or describing this as “art deco” myself in the post. It just didn’t feel right. And now I know why! I love geeking out over decor styles! Thanks for being “that guy” in the comments. I learned a thing!!!!

      • I’m very happy to have contributed! Architecture and “old houses” are one of my things; I live in a neighborhood built up between 1890 and WWII and my own place is a 1937 Colonial Revival cottage added on to in 1954.

        A number of “mid-century modern” houses are actually Art Moderne or influenced that way, but a high-style type example like this one is rare, rare. I can think of only two high-style examples in my own city of 800,000 people. The one closest to my house is visible here.

        You’re completely right about this not fitting Art Deco. That style was marked by sharp corners, lots of angles and chevrons, and is just NOTHING like the aerodynamic and streamlined Moderne style.

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