The most ’80s room of all time (time after time)

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Just inside those windows is the most amazing room I’ve seen in a LONG time. (Photos courtesy of

Hold the phone! (The landline kind — you know, the one that’s wall-mounted and has one of those extra long cords?) I found THEE MOST ’80s ROOM OF ALL TIME. This room looks like it should be a set of an (early era MTV) music video. Or maybe a set piece from Earth Girls Are Easy. It shocked me to my core and then rocked me all night long, because it was so unexpected! I mean, this piece of Los Angeles real estate was obviously in need of some updating…

From the ’80s mirrored hallway to whatever the hell THIS design moment thought it was accomplishing:

But mostly it was all bland neutrals and whites, unfortunate ’80s tile work, and unexpected statues and angles…


How fantastic is that!? The real estate listing gives absolutely NO warning about it — they’ve completely buried the lead that this house is The Most ’80s Thing You’ll Maybe Ever See.

And it can all be yours for only $2,495,000!!!

What would YOU do if this room was yours? Keep it as is and have ’80s parties every weekend? Rent it out to movie studios? Burn the rest of the house down because this room ALONE was worth $2,495,000? Probably that last one.

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