If you love The Rocketeer, you’ll love this Art Deco home for sale

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All photos via Redfin.com

I truly don’t believe that I can sum up this amazing real estate find (thanks Offbeat Homie Rebecca!) any better than this one sentence from its listing:

1920s style Art Deco home built in early ’90s by founder of Gardenburger, blending the style of Miami’s South Beach and glamour of Hollywood.

It’s basically like a hotel from the ’20s and an office building from the ’90s gave birth to this ridiculous home — complete with an homage to The Rocketeer (the ultimate Art Deco + ’90s combo!) — and it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen…

And yes — hell fucking yes — that is a piano stage right smack in the middle of it!
I’m just obsessed with the kitchen tile.
Oh, guest room right off the kitchen, I’d chill in you so hard.
Shall we go upstairs?
By the way, I literally yelled “awesome!” when I saw this light fixture.
There’s no version of my brain that would have chosen those chairs to place on that carpet. But, damnit, if I’m not glad that SOMEONE did it so I could see it in action.
Psst: I see you The Rocketeer!
I’m into this bed nook.
Ooh look! It’s another bed nook made from those ubiquitous glass bricks and less-ubiquitous hanging window panes!
And then there was this photo of a fireplace that I couldn’t actually figure out which room it belonged to. But please enjoy it, because it’s awesome.

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  1. It’s only $750k?!?! I mean: there’s still no way I could afford it, but that price seems utterly reasonable. Let’s all chip in and turn it into an Offbeat Homie co-owned Airbnb! 😉

  2. This is one of those things that struck my taste as “So ugly that I love it.” Also, now my husband is going to have to put up with my pleas to build a bed nook, because it’s something I never knew I needed!

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