Edit songs yourself to be karaoke party-friendly

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Over on Offbeat Bride, we got a question about how easy it was to edit out parts of a song for a processional or first dance. Our darling Superman then wrote a great how-to on editing songs to snip out the sad (or too long) bits. But then the (also) darling Dootsie pointed out:

I want to use this for karaoke purposes. Take out the long “repeat these three words over and over” parts or the guitar solo. For fun reasons.

If you’re the at-home karaoke party type then you KNOW you want to get the how-to’s to rid yourself of those awkward solos moments. Head on over to Offbeat Bride.

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  1. OMGEEEEZ! OK, so I love karaoke, but my favorite songs are never there, so I use Audacity to effing MAKE karaoke songs out of my favorite obscure tracks. (I was the hipster who burned her mouth… by drinking my coffee before it was cool…)

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