Food I think I would like to eat: spaghetti ice cream

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Spaghetti Eis

If you saw that and thought, “Mmm, dinner time!” let me tell you this: it’s not for dinner, but you could definitely indulge in it for dessert! According to Click Clack Gorilla what you see above is SPAGHETTI ICE CREAM. I’m sure you’re wondering: where do I get some of my own?!

The answer? Germany:

Have you ever hunkered down over a plate of spaghetti and thought to yourself “you know, this would be better if it was made of ice cream!” No? Yeah, me neither. That’s the stuff I expect from the Willy Wonkas of the world. And apparently Dario Fontanella is an honorary Wonka because, though lacking in the department of chocolate rivers, Oompa Loompas, and candy landscapes, he asked and answered this very question in Germany in 1969. The result was spaghetti ice cream (Spaghettieis), the most delightful and whimsical ice cream creation I have had the pleasure of guzzling with abandon.

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  1. When I visited some of my German relatives several years ago they were so super excited to show us Spaghettieis! I think I got one that looked like lasagna…it was tasty!!

  2. I remember eating this in Germany in the early 90s when we lived there. I had no idea it originated there, very cool. I wish someone in the US would make it!

  3. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to have any of this when I was in Germany on a class trip in high school. Just means I’ll have to go again.

  4. You can also get this in Maine! There’s a little ice cream stand in South Berwick, ME called Aggies and they serve this. They also offer Lindt chocolate truffle ‘meatballs’. 🙂

  5. I didn’t even know that Spaghettieis is something specifically German. You can get it everywhere. But you can also make it yourself. You put about 3 big spoons of not too cold ice-cream (I like chocolate better than vanilla) into a potato press ( and press through. Then you put strawberry sauce on top and a few shavings of white chocolate.

  6. If you’re ever in London you can get it there too! There’s a little cafe near Leicester Square called Caio that does this as well as many other amazing ice cream concoctions.

  7. My boyfriend introduced me to Spaghettieis the first time he took me to Germany. It was one of his favourite things growing up. We’re going back for his birthday in a few days and going to the local shop and getting a large plate to share (right after getting a delicious doner kebap down the street)! We’re really looking forward to it!

  8. My mom used to make us something similar (I’m Polish though and I think her dish had nothing do to with this German one – I’m pretty sure the first time around she was desperate to use a batch of frozen berries in the freezer). Anyway, she’d cook up some spaghetti and make a batch of strawberry sauce – it was like strawberry smoothie without the banana to make it thick. Throw some fresh chopped strawberries on top and voila! A quick meal that any 5 or 15 or 25 year old would love!

    EDIT: Just realized this German dish is pretty much ALL ice cream. Wow. That’s amazing. Beats my chilled spaghetti topped with cold strawberry sauce.

  9. This is my favorite dessert to eat in Germany, and I just told someone about it recently. She told me it sounded to good it helps to justify buying the pasta press she’s been wanting to get. Apparently she’ll use it more for ice cream than just pasta. I fully support this plan.

  10. Some time ago I found chocolate-flavored noodles at a pasta vendor at one of the local farmers’ markets. They always had recipe tags to go with some of their odd pastas, and based on the card we made a dessert of chocolate pasta with vanilla ice cream and a strawberry sauce. It was weird to eat pasta for dessert, but also delicious! This was before I was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance, and I wish I could have it again!

  11. My husband and I just moved to Texas and went to a restaurant that served “Hay” ice cream, they had some other odd flavors too. I asked the waiter if it was just vanilla ice cream and he said no it was actually hay! I must say it wasn’t bad!!!

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