Land of Nod: exploding with cuteness for your kid’s room all day long

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Land of Nod's Hi Hi Hi Rainbow Bear makes me feel many happy things.

LOOK AT THAT HAPPY RAINBOW BEAR and tell me you’re not excited to find out what else Land of Nod has in store for you! Full disclosure: I’ve already glimpsed the website in all of its cloud shelved glory, and there’s no going back. Calling all kids and adults who love kid decor… it’s about to get SHINY and BRIGHT in here.

Wall storage and hanging

Cloud shelf! How'd you get to be so cute?

This White Cloud Shelf is one of the most amazing things to happen to shelving in a long time. I would put it in my own bedroom/kitchen/living room/any place I could attach it, because it’s presh.

NOT TO BE OUTDONE, the Bubble Shelf offers a seriously adorable (and seriously circular) alternative. There’s also another version with three bubbles.

There are a few variations on these Giraffe Wall Hooks, but the pink/purple combo is my fave. They’ve also got a deer, a bird, and an elephant alternative.

Do you like birds? Do you like balancing? GREAT THEN: check out this Balancing Birds Mobile!

Calling all space nerds! The Ceiling Solar System Kit glows in the dark AND appears to include Pluto… so if you never, ever want to let go of Pluto’s (former) status as a planet, you can commemorate it forever. Or until this gets pulled down from the ceiling… whichever comes first!

Art and wall accessories

Who doesn’t need a little bit of YELLOW in his or her life? If this shade of garland isn’t your thing, Land of Nod has orange, lime, teal and pink — so you can play favorites OR mix it up and get all rainbow with it!

Caption: “Colin isn’t a pirate, he’s just pretending.” Who had the idea to combine pirates and bunnies? Because that person is my new favorite.

Featured: Lion Wall Art, Octopus Wall Art, and Dragon Wall Art.
Featured: Hedgehog Portrait, Bird Head Portrait, and Red Squirrel Portrait.

CLEARLY I couldn’t pick one animal portrait that I love the most… so I had to pick six. When it really comes down to it, the Hedgehog Portrait rocks my world a little bit more than the rest, but how often do you see such a classy portrait of a HEDGEHOG in the first place? It’s a gem!

Pin it, save it, keep it forever

I was SUPER into bulletin and corkboards when I was a tween and teen — they’re perfect for hanging a photo or some other kind of memento when your parents won’t let you put holes in the wall. Let’s just say: I had a ton of boards for this kind of thing. I dig the World Map Corkboard because it’s functional AND educational: double bonus!

Lest the young ‘uns feel left out of the corkboard bonanza, the Bear Corkboard is an awesome alternative to the World Map. OR you can go crazy and GET THEM BOTH!

I think I could keep going with Land of Nod forever — there’s always some kind of furniture sale going on that makes me weak in the knees. As my closing statement I live you with this Singing Bird Cage, which is named to make a Beatles reference (siiiiigh! Fantastic):

A singing bird cage = all the fun of owning a bird with none of the messy clean-up, and you can turn it off whenever you want. I REST MY CASE.

Comments on Land of Nod: exploding with cuteness for your kid’s room all day long

  1. Aaaaaarrrgggghhh those animal portraits are following me!
    A friend bought them for his children and we all decided they were creepy and kinda disturbing so they got returned!
    And now they are back on offbeat mama staring at me through the computer screen with their beady little eyes!

  2. I like land of nod, but its ridiculously expensive, and a lot of the wall art, mobiles, what have you can be made easily on your own. I would not recommend buying something at those prices when one can be instructed easily, or take their own imagination and pull it off.

    • We feature a LOT of DIY on Offbeat Mama so our commitment to low-budget awesomeness should be clear. That said, I hope that we can all allow for the fact that different readers have different budgets, and just enjoy a little window shopping when something featured isn’t a good fit for you personally (whether that’s for budgetary reasons or any other reason).

      None of us on Offbeat Home can afford any of the Real Estate Porn we feature, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the eye-candy. If you can’t afford something we feature and don’t feel like window shopping, just click along to our DIY section, and then check back tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll have something that’s a better fit for you.

      • Honestly, I’m glad you guys feature stuff like this even though I can’t afford it. I think it’s great inspiration for DIY. Just cause you can’t buy doesn’t mean you can’t try to recreate it in a budget friendly way. 🙂

  3. Let me apologize for my last post. I should have worded it differently. I too, get the catalog every month, and dream about my babies room looking the way they do in the magazine— Then I think, HEY! I might be able to do some of this myself! I shouldn’t have seemed so rude about it. But trust– If I did have the money, regardless of the economy (they are my choices and my choices alone which have left me able, or unable to buy something from them) I would buy EVERYTHING in that catalog. I shouldn’t have put my bitterness on something that you were sharing with us.

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