Dust your home with a lint roller

Guest post by Finnick

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This afternoon I was using a lint roller on my couch (black cat + white blanket on couch = grey couch) when I had a “BASKETS!” moment. I happened to glance over and catch sight of one of my cringe-worthy areas — a catch-all sort of table that catches more dust and floating cat hair than anything else. So, I ripped the clogged-up sheet from the lint roller and ran it over my table: Voila! No more dust or hair!

It’s way cleaner than a duster would be (I feel like I’m just moving the dust back into the air so it can settle again…), less gross than a wet rag, and there’s less garbage than throwing away a dust cloth or one of those Swiffer things. It may not be as economical if you actually use your lint roller a lot, but I’ve had the same one for several years now, so I don’t feel bad about using an extra sheet to keep my table from looking too grungy. (Dusting is my least favourite chore, in case you couldn’t tell! Well… right below the dishes.)

What other “baskets!” moments have y’all had when it comes to cleaning?

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  1. Funny! I too was taking a lint roller to my couch (black cat + black couch = hairy black couch) and took the lint roller to my tv stand. Genius!

  2. I’ve actually started using the lint roller ON MY CATS. Might as well get it at the source right? At first they were weirded out but now they love it.

  3. I use a rubber glove on the couch instead of a lint roller, it gets the hair that is imbedded in the couch out. Just put a glove on one hand and rub in circles on the couch, the hair will come right up.

  4. Also: ants. We had a table covered in either thief or pharaoh ants (little motherfuckers) and I used to use the lint roller to get them up and then clean the hell out of the table.

  5. My quick cleaning tip is that when I’ve finished using a makeup remover wipe I turn it over so the clean side is out and use it to give my bathroom sink a quick wipe out of toothpaste residue/stray hairs/dropped powder from my makeup.
    Ok so it’s not a full bathroom clean but it means you can go a couple of extra days between full cleanings with bleach etc

  6. I keep a scrub brush in the shower, and if I’m not in a rush I do a minute of wall/tub-scrubbing while I’m in there body/hair-scrubbing. Keeps the gunk from building up too much between my (seriously infrequent) actual cleaning.

    Also, MACHINE WASHABLE FABRIC SHOWER CURTAIN LINER. I used to just throw the plastic ones away periodically because they were too hard to clean.

  7. So clever! I have a set of four reusable lint rollers (just wash them with warm water and soap to get all the gunk off), so I won’t have to throw anything away. I think the bigger ones in the set are going to get a lot more of a workout now!

    • I invested in a $17 heavy duty antimicrobial shower curtain liner 2 years ago and once every 6 months I take the bathroom garbage can put half a cup of bleach in it, fill it with water and put the bottom of the curtain in it without taking it off the rail…the very bottom where it turns over is the only part to get grimy, the rest of the time I just spray a little bleach water on once a week and let it dry.

    • My mom got a set of those reusable rollers. They work great on broken glass, crumbs, small toys, food stuff,and dust. Considering we are a clumsy and active family, it is a useful thing to have around. Kmart had one of those in-store infomercials showing how they worked and she couldn’t resist.

  8. I use dawn and vinegar mixed half and half once every month or so to scrub the tub after letting it sit for 30 minutes, I dye my hair and often wash paint off of things and it works miracles, then I take what is left of the mix and add an equal amount of water and every few days I spray some in the tub and on the walls and wipe it down with a wash cloth after my shower. I use the same mix to mop the floor with the towel I use as a bathmat when it gets wet…I take old towels, fold them on half and sew them to make a thicker mat, when the floor gets wet a quick squirt of cleaner and a swipe with the mat keeps it clean.

  9. You could spray some water into the air above the table and then use your regular duster – the heaviness from the water should keep the dust from floating away. Just saying. ^^

  10. Gross but legit alternate use: Rolling up ants!!! When they recently took up residence in my kitchen, lint rollers turned out to be a rather expedient way of temporary removal.

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