Unique bunk bed designs + other baby and kid rooms worthy of swooning

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Space shuttle bunk bed found at <a href='http://www.mymoondrops.com'>My Moon Drops.</a>
Space shuttle bunk bed found at My Moon Drops.

Ariel’s post last week about turning her closet into a nursery got me thinking… how else can you creatively use the space you have when you have kids?

My husband and I currently live in a small 3 bedroom house, and we hope to have at least three children. Who we’ll have to cram into one room. The solution for us is going to lie in the liberal use of bunk beds and, as it turns out, that means way more fun anyway! Check out these cool (and totally copy-able, if you’ve got skills like that) bunk bed designs and kid’s rooms:

Ikea hackery performed by <a href='http://www.wired.com/geekdad/'>GeekDad.</a>
Ikea hackery performed by GeekDad.

You really have to check out the original post to appreciate the full genius of this furniture hack. Turning an Ikea bunk bed into two lifted beds with desk space beneath is so genius it makes my head hurt a little. Also, those colors are awesome.

for a tomboy
A Star Wars-themed bunk bed? I'm not sure life gets any better.
DSCN0804PIC Brigsby's Nursery

Lusciously sparse design courtesy of <a href='http://www.argington.com'>Argington.</a>
Lusciously sparse design courtesy of Argington.

Ok, I’m fully aware that both this and the space shuttle bed cost more than a cup of coffee. If you have the ability to buy these, cool. If not, no one’s saying you can’t borrow their ingenious ideas, are they?

If you’ve got time, a hacksaw, skills, and access to a Home Depot, who’s to say your bunk beds can’t be almost as fun as your kids are? Now, the trick will be to get them to actually sleep in those things…

You want even MORE rooms and nurseries to drool over? YOU GOT IT:

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  1. Oh I love these, especially the creative use of ikea. Since I don't see a 4-bedroom house in our near future, our boys will definitely be bunking once big enough (we have a 3-yo and one on the way, and daddy has a video editing studio.) I hated sharing a bedroom with my sisters as a teenager, but up until that point I didn't mind the company.

  2. I'm in the middle of a furniture hack – bunkbeds to be turned into a princess castle, with a slide for the top bunk's exit method. Best part? The bunk beds in question are solid oak and picked up for free via freecycle.

    I'll send in pics and such when the process is complete. Perhaps I'll even write up a DIY guide for other offbeat mama's to utilize. 😀

  3. We have a a princess castle bunk bed for our girls – it's great, they love their bedroom and going to bed. One bed is "inside" the castle… the other is on top. 🙂 Yay for original, creative ways to manage space!

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