12 constellation projects, products, and pretties that bring the night sky inside

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DIY Constellation Star Projector Light
DIY Constellation Star Projector Light

Oh, how we love the starry skies popping up all over the place lately. In artwork, in home products, in themed BEDROOMS! There is nothing more relaxing than a serene reminder of the skies over our heads.

In an ideal world, we’d all have a skylight over our beds and fall asleep under the stars, but since that’s not feasible let’s see how else we can catch a few stars for ourselves.

We’ve got curtains, DIY projects, pillows, bed sheets, and even awesome night lights. Let’s lay back, relax, and look at these stars…

Star Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Set in black, beige, navy, and pink.
Star Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Set in black, beige, navy, and pink.

OH! OH! We can reverse engineer these! Take one strong blind — or make one with some canvas duck — and wield some star-shaped die cut stencils on it in a random pattern. Marvel at your ingenuity.

constellation door mat
Wait wait, what about constellation-style decor for right BEFORE you get inside. How rad is this door mat?

Evita is Offbeat Home’s local star-loving craftster. She brought us not only this AMAZING light-building tutorial but also a how-to on building a starry pelmet box to increase the efficiency of our windows.

I’d love to take those two projects and go all out with these additions in my bedroom:

I'd love to individually frame all these Constellation Comfort Lacing Cards.
I’d individually frame all these Constellation Comfort Lacing Cards.

Make awesome prints with the Constellation Background Woodblock Stamp
Make awesome prints with the Constellation Background Woodblock Stamp.

Anlye Galaxy Quilt CoverThe Anlye Galaxy Quilt Cover Galaxy Duvet Cover with 2 Matching Pillow Covers is out of this world! How heavenly would this make your bedroom?

constellation pillowsSimple Dew has a set of constellation pillows that make my nerdy heart race.

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light, Sea Turtle
This little constellation-shooting turtle puts you to sleep with his astronomical knowledge.

Constellation 30 Light Pendant
The Constellation 30 Light Pendant is UGH BOOTIFUL!

bedroom-designs-2008We spy some more star-shaped stencils up in here.

Danica Studio Shower Curtain, Galaxy Snag the Danica Studio Shower Curtain in Galaxy to bring the stars into your bathroom.

Such a ridiculously room-changing arrangement: install a faux ceiling using foamcore, and you can also install your own starry night. Babies be DAMNED! This is a great idea for all ages.

Comments on 12 constellation projects, products, and pretties that bring the night sky inside

    • they are the best! i LOVE mine… they project stars in three different colors and automatically turn off 😀 PLUS! you can find the actual constellations on your ceiling… anddd there is a ladybug version too <3

    • Twilight turtle is the greatest thing ever! My soon to be one year old got it for Christmas, and it’s one of the most important parts of the bedtime/naptime ritual now. She just lays back and stares at the stars until she falls asleep.

  1. I painted my toddler’s ceiling a deep navy blue and arranged glow-in-the-dark stars (started doing the constellations, then realized I’m not crazy) and got the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room nightlight. I hung that up on two anchor hooks and strung up some model airplanes my dad built 30 years ago. Good dreams guaranteed!
    Eventually I will get around to making some clouds from quilt batting… I’ve been telling myself that for two years.
    Great post!

  2. I grew up under a ceiling painted with the winter constellations in glow in the dark paint. You couldn’t tell there was anything there during the daytime and it was always a fun surprise to let guests sleep in my room who didn’t know the ceiling would glow when they turned the lights off. I totally intend to do it in my house sometime.

    • I had the summer night sky painted I’m glow in the dark paint. White ceiling, but it worked. Agree that nobody could tell until the lights were off

    • I bought this for My boy for Christmas too! He LOVES it, bit pricey, but amazing. You can get it on Iwoot.com in the UK. Also great for a bit of mood lighting at parties 🙂

  3. These are awesome, but make me wonder – is there some sort of epic pelmet roundup that could be compiled? The pelmets in our house are plain boring white wood at the moment, and it’d never occurred to me to decorate them.

    Hmmmm… time to go hunting!

  4. These are amazing. I was just talking to my husband about how I really wanted do a space theme for our bedroom, and trying to explain that it could be done a lot of really classy and neat elements. I thought I had a really novel idea, but this is better since now I can show him pictures and he is more likely to get on board.

  5. The Cloud b Lights (the turtle) are great for migraine suffers too. They provide enough light (in three different colors) to see around the room but not so much that it hurts to look at. Best of all is the 45 minute timer. I click on my light when I take my migraine medicine, if the light is off and I’m still hurting I know I need more. 🙂

  6. Oh, man. We took the star map from our area from the day and time our daughter was born and painted it on her walls and ceiling in glow in the dark paint. That took forever and is not terribly accurate. Kiddo loves the stars, now, so we’ll have to get some of these. Not anything the projects, though, she’s still at the age where we know everything 🙂

  7. The little turtle also makes a great night-light for, to take a not-random example, when you’re up feeding the baby. Just enough light to see by, not so much that everybody becomes wide-awake & then takes an hour to get back to sleep (by which time it’s time to feed the baby again, of course…). Also the non-feeding spouse was able to go back to sleep with it on in the bedroom. Also just enough light by which to find lost pacifiers, if you pick it up & use it flashlight-style. I find it difficult to find the constellations, but that’s a minor detail.

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