DIY glittery baby doll part Christmas ornaments

Guest post by Fritz is Fine

Remember when Fritz is Fine turned a mannequin into a curiosity shelf? Now she’s turning baby doll parts into ornaments.

DSCN0955I’m all over adding whimsy to traditional Christmas decorating, but how about a little macabre action too?

Here’s how to make your own bedazzled baby doll part ornaments for seasonal sparkle with a dark sense of humor:

What you’ll need:[related_post align=”right”]

What to do:

DSCN0864Because most doll limbs are hollow, you need to cover up the hole so you can attach a loop of thread. Cut out a circle of cardboard that will adequately cover the end of the limb. (It doesn’t matter if it’s not absolutely perfect, as you’ll glitter over the edges.)

DSCN0867Slather the limb with Mod Podge and sprinkle over the glitter. Shake off any excess. Also, glitter the corresponding cardboard circle.

Once it’s dry, make a hole in the middle of the cardboard circle with a thumb tack. Move it around a bit to make a hole big enough to string some embroidery thread.

DSCN0928Loop the embroidery thread through the hole. Adjust the length to your liking, then secure it with a big knot on the underside. Top it off with a dollop of glue.

DSCN0935With liberal craft glue, attach the cardboard to the end of the limb. Let dry.

Add glitter to cover the seam of the limb and cardboard. Cover up any other thin spots.

Add a coat of Mod Podge gloss to seal in the glitter.


Now, hang, enjoy, and let out a crackling laugh. You know, like the crazy person you are.

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  1. I just….this is too amazing! I hang up doll parts everywhere for Halloween, it never even occurred to me I could do it for Christmas! I’m taking my last final today, and this is so happening tomorrow *squeal*

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