This dog birthday party is exactly what you need right now

Guest post by Maegan Kopachy
All photos by Mae B Photo

Say hello to Meat James and Sophie Grace!

My husband and I adopted our two dogs nearly five years ago when they were 8-10 weeks old. We don’t have any human kids of our own, but we’ve raised these two wrinkle faces and consider them our children. Every year, we have a birthday shoot for these two.

Since they turned five on January 17th, I decided that we needed to step up our game and have a mini dog birthday bash. It was fully equipped with homemade party hats, adorable props, and their own birthday platter — including mini puppy donuts and puppy peanut butter cheesecakes…

Happy birthday, Meat James and Sophie Grace! Thanks for making us smile with your adorable doggy birthday party antics.

Comments on This dog birthday party is exactly what you need right now

  1. Thank you! You were right, this was exactly what I needed now. Just don’t tell my dog about it or she’ll want a birthday party too.

  2. I’m so excited to be this person. A friend suggested that we have a puppy shower when we finally get our dog, and my eyes lit up. I hadn’t even considered the possibility.

  3. This is so stinkin’ cute! I’m totally having a birthday party for my fur-babies this year. Except, they don’t hold still for photos like these guys do. All my photos would just be a blur.

  4. Their faces are so squishy I wanna die!! Seriously adorable pups. These pictures made an otherwise slow and boring Friday a little brighter 🙂

  5. Shouldn’t this be marked as a sponsored post? Is it not an advertorial for The Pet Hydrant and Mae B Photography?

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