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photoThere I was, bitching to my personal trainer friend about how my knees hurt, but I hate taking my glucosamine chondroitin pills because they’re SO BIG. But I wouldn’t drink the powdered stuff because I can’t down the whole glass at once. That’s when she dropped this genius on me…

Pour the powder in a third as much water and do a shot! This could work with those Airborne powders and any other kind of powdered health crap that I can never get down.

Since then, I’ve been doing a shot of healthy stuff every morning!

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  1. Just be careful that you are drinking enough throughout the day, then. A lot of the time they tell you to mix it with that amount of water because it will dehydrate you otherwise. 🙂

    • This is important. It may be easy enough to do the shot then have a separate drink of water though, maybe with a little fruit juice added if it’s difficult to get plain water down.

      I have to take extra salt because my body struggles to retain it, and I think I might try soluble in a shot then extra water as the pills are disgusting! Good tip.

  2. I’m incapable of chugging as well. But I don’t think you’re expected to down the entire huge glass at once, but to finish it off within 5-10 minutes. At least that what the Airborne tablets and the Theraflu packets tell me.

  3. I do this with herbal tinctures! They’re bitter and gross, so I mix them with a little water, knock ’em back, then chug something sweet and delicious like coconut water or orange juice.

  4. I do this too! Although, if I’m sick and I’m taking Emergen-C packets, I heat up some water, mix it in (and usually add honey) and drink it like tea. I don’t heat the water up as hot as I would for actual tea, since I’m not sure what the heat does to the supplements, but I figure if I’m taking them regularly enough during the cold it’ll be OK. Especially if I’ve got a sore throat and need the warm liquid.

  5. Megan, you might want to try turmeric pills for you knees. My Dr explained away my knee pain with, “Well, you’re heavy and 40 now, it is probably the start of osteoarthritis.” Since I don’t have health insurance for extensive testing, etc. I let it go at that. After just suffering with it for 4 years I started taking 750mg turmeric twice a day and am now relatively pain free. It certainly works better than the acetaminophen I had been popping like candy.

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