3 quickie ideas for unconventional room dividers

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Source: desiretoinspire.net via Jenn on Pinterest
Source: desiretoinspire.net via Jenn on Pinterest

When we lived in a studio apartment, we used an IKEA bookcase to divide our “bedroom” from the…front door area. (In retrospect, maybe putting the bed in front of the door was a poor choice.)

BUT! I know how important and useful dividers can be in small spaces. I’ve got a few simple ideas…

Source: bizbash.com via onemodscene on Pinterest
Source: bizbash.com via onemodscene on Pinterest

This image is from a party, but oh man. I love it. Big colorful paper, ribbons, or streamers hanging from a high ceiling? Fucking awesome faux wall.

Source: lifeonthebalcony.com via Kelley on Pinterest
Source: lifeonthebalcony.com via Kelley on Pinterest

Make a palette garden. One or two side-by-side would be a half-height divider, and you could attach (and reinforce!) several palettes together to create a larger wall. Be sure to fill the palettes AFTER they’re in position — those suckers get heavy. Avoid the problem of water drainage by using succulents or air plants.

Source: kootutmurut.com via Lori on Pinterest
Source: kootutmurut.com via Lori on Pinterest

So simple! So brilliant! A few pieces of PVC pipe, a 1×10 board, casters, and a few yards of a pretty fabric (even easier: a thrifted sheet or curtain!) and you have something decorative AND functional.

What brilliant room dividers have you seen? Share them below!

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  1. When I slept in a living room I made my own dividers by buying some IKEA shelving pieces (the sides). They were untreated pine and about over 6′ tall with a few horizontal bars i between. First, I placed them into pairs and screwed/drilled hinges into the wood. Second, I painted them with wood friendly paint. Last, I bought some lovely fabrics to drape over the middle bars. I could change the fabrics as I wanted, stagger the patterns, or adjust the drapes to open up my “room”.

    Ultimately I wanted a more modern shouji screen, but these were something else! Alas, when I had to move suddenly they were considered a luxury and were out on the curb. I hope someone else go to enjoy them.

  2. In high school my ‘room’ was part of the basement. We seperated it by bookshelves for movies facing the living room space and wardrobes facing in the bedroom. I didn’t have a door but no one else used the basement so I didn’t mind.
    I’ve hung streamers from the ceiling in my current basement for a birthday party. I used it to seperate the darkened portion featuring rock band from the lightened room featureing snacks, drinks, and everything else. The only problem is that one of the streemers fell down and set off the alarms.

  3. I’m currently renting out my parent’s basement with my fiance. The ceiling is made out of tiles. My sister and good friend measured and cut white cloth that goes from ceiling to floor and hung it around my bed area from the ceiling. I also have 2 panels of black and red asian themed fabric by the living room side. Now that we’re looking to move out though, I’m trying to figure out what to do with all this fabric, since I don’t sew.

    • I’ve draped some extra fabric on some boxes in my bed room. It works like a table clothe that hides some storage. You can also place the fabric on guest beds or hang it on a wall to act as wallpaper/tapestry behind shelves or something. You can also still hang it from the ceiling in your new place to make a changing area in your bedroom.

  4. My parents used freestanding Ikea wardrobes to divide their master bedroom in two so I could have my own space after outgrowing their walk-in closet. It worked pretty well…until my folks discovered that I liked to climb on top of the wardrobes and swing onto their bed using the curtains as a rope. So much fun, but so dangerous…but still a great room divider!

  5. Oh my, so many great ideas. My husband and I just moved to an “English” style basement apartment in DC, where the space for our bedroom is huge. While one half will be the bedroom, my husband is thinking that the other half should be a dressing room and pantry. I’m trying to get ideas for the room. (keep in mind that room also has a door that leads out to the back patio) Any suggestions?

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