How to measure the days when you work from home

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Ariel posted this on the Offbeat Empire blog, and it’s made me laugh every day since. Fellow work-from-homies: I give you the rubrick by which you may judge your days!

Photo from Etsy seller DevilDollsconsulting
Photo from Etsy seller DevilDollsconsulting

Wear a bra
Leave the house
No internet drama to deal with
Speak face-to-face with someone other than immediately family

Good day plus…
See a friend
Gentle inebriation

Great day plus…
Social gathering!
Marital relations
Unexpected mail/package/gift

Comments on How to measure the days when you work from home

  1. This made me giggle to myself (mostly because I work alone…otherwise someone else would be giggling with me… right?? right?).

    Ahhh sooo true, I’m going on it being a Great day so far 🙂

  2. I just laughed when I realized today has not yet made it into “good day” category. Well, there’s still time to fix it!

  3. This. This is SO MY LIFE. Especially since many days I don’t even make it into the “Good” category! I adore you guys for posting this. It’s awesome to know that other people get it! 🙂

  4. Right! I must leave the house today! And speak with someone while I am out. But hey, at least I’ve got on a bra, I’m almost there! 😉

    (Maybe we could add, properly balance work/blog reading to Good day.)

  5. Funny how it is all in your perspective. I work OUTSIDE my home and a good day for me includes no bra, no leaving the house and not speaking to anyone besides my DH. Of course that is not a work day, but that’s what makes it GOOD…lol

  6. HA! This made me laugh out loud. I make sure that I always make it a good day in some capacities (i.e. I always get dressed and put on a bra, have Skype meetings daily and I go for a run most days). But the other “great”and “best” days are totally spot on.

  7. The Great Days and Best Days are applicable for me, and I don’t even work at home! (I wish.) Thanks for the gentle reminder to strive a little harder to make my days a little better.

  8. Haha.. for me the best days are when I don’t have to leave the house or put on makeup (thankfully, most days). Maybe this is an introvert/extrovert thing?

  9. Gentle inebriation sounds so tender, like being cocooned in a sweet little alcohol afghan. I aim for that level of intake, too.

    • AMEN TO THAT! I mean seriously, my worst days still involve being close to my family while also working on the internet doing cool stuff. *fist bump!*

  10. Oh yeah. This is sooo my life.
    So far, I don’t think I’ve met any of the standards for even “good” today. Sigh.

  11. Oh God….I haven’t showered, put on a bra, or left the house in two days. I’d love to be motivated enough to do any of the above! Does a phone conversation with a friend count?

  12. Gah! Trueness. To be honest, when I have a lot of writing up to do, sometimes I don’t meet even one of the criteria for a “good” day… but then it’s a “productive” day instead, right? 🙂

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