Diaper bags for dudes, butch moms, and anyone else into non-pink

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You guys love talking diaper bags — remember the conversation we had six months ago when I presented you with non-“diaper bag” diaper bags? Today I wanna flip the switch and show you bags that are actually designed to carry around your baby/toddler/preschooler’s stuff AND are more dude-and-butch-mom-friendly.

Have no fear: you’re not going to see anything monogrammed or bright pink in this round-up!

As always, click the photos to learn more about each bag:
Skip Hop - Duo Diaper Bag (Black) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Printed Diaper Bag (Black Skull & Cross Bones) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Diaper Bag (Gray) - Bags and Luggage Skip Hop - Versa Diaper Bag (Graphite) - Bags and Luggage Skip Hop - Duo Diaper Bag (Red) - Bags and Luggage Skip Hop - Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag (Olive) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Diaper Messenger Bag (Periscope) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Digi Dude Eco Laptop Bag (Green) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Messenger Bag W/ Flap 1 (Camo) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Delux Twins Bag (Black) - Bags and Luggage Kipling U.S.A. - New Baby Bag with Changing Mat Large (True Blue) - Bags and Luggage Skip Hop - Dash Deluxe Baby Bag (Sequins) - Bags and Luggage Skip Hop - Messenger Baby Bag (Lime) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Black Peace (Black) - Bags and Luggage George Gina & Lucy - Baby2Go (Sea-Foam) - Bags and Luggage Diaper Dude - Messenger 1 (Grey Pinstripe) - Bags and Luggage

What non-froofy diaper bags do you guys love?

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  1. I love my Holly Aiken diaper bag 😀 comes in a tote and messenger option, and washes so easily. I live near her shop so I’m supporting local as well.

  2. I use a purse. One lived the whole time I was in need of diaper bag with baby number one. Now having a second baby I did treat myself to a new one ( first one we lived in the city, so I had lovely black leather oversized purse, now living in a country I have bigger fabric bag in black red and grey 🙂 ). But the ones here look so tempting….

  3. I LOVE this bag.

    It doesn’t look girly or baby-ish or froofy and has nice little labelled pockets for everything, which is good for keeping two scatterbrains like me and my husband organized. I love the built-in wipes dispenser, but my husband has a hard time getting it to open for some reason. And it comes with a changing mat, too!

  4. My husband is the dipaer-bag-carrier in our family and I really think he will need a new one with more compartments when the second baby arrives. Even when we are not together, I don’t use it because it ends up falling off my shoulders and lands around my ankles. It’s adjusted for a his big man-frame.

    I’m glad it’s easier to find “man freindly” baby gear.

  5. My not-femmey wife likes our Danica bags. We have a messenger-style one and a ‘pilot bag’ that’s a bit smaller.

    They definitely have some girly styles but some are gender neutral, like the bicycles above. They seem to get new patterns pretty frequently. The messenger bag has a lot of different pockets and works really well as a diaper bag – I’ve seen it sold as a diaper bag in baby stores, but also seen it sold in accessory stores along with their laptop bags and whatnot, so it doesn’t scream diaper bag, which I like.


  6. I have a plain black Columbia diaper bag. I wanted one that both my husband and I would carry & I wanted something that zipped up! Mine has a ton of zipped pockets and it’s well organized inside. I love it! I’ve had a few women stop me in stores and tell me it was “cute” and ask where I got it….which is funny to me because I picked it solely on practicality and price!


  7. I have a cotton cloth oversized purse that I use as my diaper bag. Bought it at Target five years ago and I wash it all the time and it has still not fallen apart! Love it!

  8. We just use a backpack. I started off with one of those giant diaper bag tote bag things with tons of pockets, but it really was hard to carry and inconvenient. A backpack keeps your hands free, and doesn’t look ridiculous on my stay-at-home dad husband. It fits everything we need and isn’t bulky.

    • We used a backpack the first year or two — we have a few medicines we have to carry around with us at all times for our son, so we still have a bag for our four-year-old. We found a military-style canvas bag (kind of like this, for Portland people we got it here) at a military surplus store, and I love it! It has tons of compartments, but they roll up into themselves so it’s small while you carry it.

    • backpacks are awesome. because my wife and/or all three kiddos will carry one, and i don’t have to carry a thing!

      it’s clearly totally different from having a *baby*, but little kids/toddlers still need some (or a lot of) stuff, and getting them to carry it themselves is the best thing ever. (we got these)

  9. I have the one on the top row with the skulls and crossbones. It’s pretty awesome, and my husband and I are both comfortable carrying it.

  10. I’ve never owned a legit diaper bag. I just use a huge purse/handbag that I like. A ton of Asian sellers have them supa cheap on ebay, so I’ve been able to switch them up a lot. Sooo much better than a “diaper bag”!

  11. I’ve never used an actual diaper bag, it just never seemed necessary to me. I have a larger purse for myself, and my husband uses a plain black messenger bag. When my kiddos were really small I used a small backpack because they were always in the Moby wrap, and I found it easier to use a backpack then to have a purse over one shoulder. I don’t really carry a ton of stuff anwyays: a few diapers and wipes, a sippy cup, and maybe a snack cup. It might be because I breastfeed so I don’t have as much to carry, but if you bottle feed then I can definitely see the advantage of a diaper bag. It also could be because of where I live too. I’ve never seen the need for bringing things like a change pad, because everywhere around here has family washrooms with good change stations.

  12. Ohhh I love the skull one, I have no idea if we’ll have a changing bag yet but if we do it’ll look like that! I’m in love with non foofy baby gear, next step, after knocking our surro up, is finding non foofy things 🙂

  13. I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my first child (baby is still cooking) and we wanted to get a bag that my husband would be comfortable using. I have wanted a Cypbertart bag for ages and now have an excuse :), so we got an ultra with a grizzly adventure face. http://www.cybertart.com.au/Ultra_1.html
    Can’t wait to use it. Not only is my husband excited about our nappy bag, but you can change the picture face on the front, so later on we can change. The face has PVC protecting the design and is detachable, so I figure at a pinch I could use it as a change mat.

  14. I get questions and compliments on mine all the time. I went to REI and picked my favorite messenger/laptop bag. I got it at the store rather than online because I wanted something comfortable.


    I seriously considered a Timbuk2 bag because they have a separate compartment that sits flat for laptops during security checks, and that would work great for a changing pad diapers and wipes and no digging in the bag for diaper changing, but to me the strap was less comfortable, and I couldn’t try it with the separate delux strap.

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