Roll around on the bed with your partner for an immediate mood boost

Guest post by Elsie
This trick works especially well if your sheets are this awesome. By: John TylerCC BY 2.0

A while ago I was feeling overwhelmed, as I often do. That particular time, it was about wedding planning and how much stuff we had left to do.

My now-husband looked at me very seriously and said, “I just changed the bedsheets and they feel awesome. Would you like to roll on the bed with me?”

And there we went. We rolled on the bed, and we rolled some more. And we tried to find ways to roll as many times as we could in our small bed. And we did rolling competitions. It only lasted a few minutes, but it made me feel better.

Rolling on the bed makes us laugh. And it always makes me forget all the stress and negativity, if only for a few minutes.

We recently had a pretty rough day because we were both slacking on what we were supposed to do, then snapped at each other. But we rolled on the bed and it ended it all.

When it all becomes a bit too much, roll on your bed, pretty people! Or find the thing that makes you feel like you are rolling in fresh bed sheets. Because it feels quite awesome.

Comments on Roll around on the bed with your partner for an immediate mood boost

  1. I love this! My partner and I have been slowly bribing ourselves with video games and Doctor Who episodes. Finally agree on a cake design? Get to watch an episode or two. Finish shower thank-you-notes? That calls for an evening of Lego Lord of the Rings! Luckily, both are things we end up doing while tangled together on the couch. Never underestimate the power of playing footsie!

  2. We do a similar thing we called an “on top”—we take turns lying on top of each other. For some reason this is hilarious and always makes us laugh. Will try rolling next!

  3. Is this code for something? *WINK*

    But seriously, I agree with you that adults need to have a weird fun release like that. My partner and I might take turns running like a mad person from one end of the house to the other to see who the dog chases.

  4. There is nothing better than coming home taking off your pants and rolling around on the bed after a stressful day. My favorite is pretending there are floor sharks and trying to shove the other one off.

  5. My husband and I do something similar to rolling and pancaking. We call it steamroller. One person is lying on the bed, and then the other rolls around on the bed, and over top of the other person. It’s better when you yell, “STEAMROLLER!” Although it’s weird to plan it…we tend to do it spontaneously. But it makes us laugh.

    • When my brother and I were younger, we would play a game we called steam roller, except that one person was rolling on the bed trying to knock the other person over. The standing person has to jump over the steam roller without falling. When the stander falls, they get to be the steam roller.

  6. for us, it’s “koala”. one person is the tree, the other the koala. assorted body parts are occasionally called on to play the part of eucalyptus leaves *bowchickabowwow*

  7. Oh, god. I thought we were the only couple dorky enough to do this kind of thing. I FEEL SO VINDICATED.

    We have a system where whenever I start to get stressed, my husband will lie down on the bed and ask me if I want “the belly”. Then, if I hesitate, he will lift up his shirt, revealing his hairy belly, and go, “You know you want it….” This will inevitably work, and after cuddling the belly for a few minutes, all is well.

    At any point in the day, as well, I can demand ‘nuggles’, and he will immediately go to the bed and wait for me to jump on top of him like a trampoline.

    Boy… when you type it out, the weirdness just doesn’t go away, does it? I can only share these things with you, dear fellow Offbeaters.

    • OH MY GOD.

      I thought we were the only ones who did tummy cuddling. Viking’s tummy is the best thing.

      Viking also likes to play this game called “put things on girlfriend” when we’re in bed, which means every single blanket and pillow we have ends up piled on me, while I’m laughing too hard to do anything about it. Bonus round: leave me covered in bedding and ask the dog “Where’s mommy? Go find mommy!”

      Instant hilarity.

  8. I don’t know how it started by my hubby and I will lick each others nose. It’s kinda a game. We might be kissing, or just looking at each other and then BAM! one or the other of us will have suddenly jerked up and licked the other’s nose. This is usually followed by “Eeeeeewwwww!” sounds and the “Looser” trying to wipe their, now slightly damp nose on the “Winner” to dry it off. Much giggling involved!

    • I do this all the time! I also used to have a competition with an old boyfriend over who could blow into the other one’s nose. You have to get your mouth entirely around their nose and blow. It’s… hilarious. And awful.

    • We play “wet willy.” You take the other person by surprise by licking your finger and sticking it in their ear. It feels horrible and cold and wet but it makes you laugh! Then you gotta try and get them back when they’re not watching….

  9. My sister and I used to play “the upside down game” when we needed a good laugh. Lay on the floor face to face, but in different directions so you view the other’s face “upside down.” Try to maintain a conversation and your perception of the face becomes all weird and distorted and hilarity ensues.

  10. reading all these has filled me with joy and also made me feel less weird. When one of us is really down or we are both having a stupid day we have “butts” which is where we stand back to back with out butts poking against each other and then someone will chase the other around the room running backwards with butts touching. Gives me an instant “something shit happened today but dammit I love this person and that’s awesome!” boost. Once or twice we have even done this in the supermarket or similar if we think nobody is around.

  11. My husband does the same thing to me! When he notices me turning into a stressed-out energizer bunny (I zip around the house doing 5 million projects at once), he grabs me out of mid-air and tosses me on the bed. I growl at him a little (he’s very brave) but eventually his tickling lightens me right up. 🙂

  12. We play “pirate ship” where one person lays down on the bed and the other person curls up over their torso, with knees and elbows on the bed, arms under the under-person’s arms, cradling their head. The under-person puts their arms around the over-person’s neck. Then the over-person begins to rock side to side like a pirate ship. When a BIG wave comes, the over-person pulls the under-person up and then CRASHES back down on the pillows, yelling “PIRATE SHIP.”

  13. This, this, this! Reminds me of my kid brother using “koalaTEA” in place of “quality” when he endorses something via Twitter. More “koalaTEA” time, less stress 😀

  14. Ours is “cocoon”. You just trap someone in the covers until 1) they are laighing too hard to struggle 2) they overheat and call timeout.

  15. We have “crushing”. It’s usually an ambush. If one of us is being mopey the other one tackles them and shouts “I crush you!” and then you’re pretty much just squished onto the nearest soft surface (usually the bed because of it’s placement in our living space) and have to escape. We also have “docking clamps”, because we watch too much Star Trek, where one of us wraps arms/legs/both around the other one usually announcing that docking clamps are engaged and the other person yells “disengage! disengage!” Now that I have typed this up I am kind of confused as to how rarely this is any kind of foreplay….generally we relent after a couple of minutes and go about our day like nothing happened. Like, possibly the funniest part of the whole thing is how abruptly and completely we stop.

  16. This post and comments made me lol so hard my hubby, who is talking on the phone, got mad and accused me of always trying to interrupt his phone calls…. I am going to steamroller him AND butt him at the first given opportunity!

  17. Omg other married/coupled people do silly playful stuff too! We have so many little things that we do. One is the ‘love magnet’ … If I’m really grumpy and shying away from affection my wife will make a vvvvvv noise like an engine warming up. As it gets more intense I am ‘pulled’ to her for a kiss! No matter how moody or pms I am the magnet HAS to work on me and I always end up smilimg!!

  18. We actually full-on wrestle. It’ll start kind of innocent (like this morning) where I was screaming about how much I hate the carpet, and eh’ll start tickling me saying “What’s your problem? Why are you acting like this?!” and, then somehow we start trying to put each other in submission holds and see who can wrestle their way to the top first (and stay there). Sometimes it involves body slamming each other into the bed, but mostly its a strength, pinning thing. Great workout, too!

    …this sounds so redneckish. I think it’s probably because I grew up in a house with 2 brothers who were constantly ganging up on me and I had to defend myself. Plus I like to prove that I can assert my strength over someone who is stronger/has more muscle mass than I do. So glad we’re not the only ones!

  19. I really needed to read this today. Wedding stress has really got me down, but even just remembering silly things like this that we do together is a breath of fresh air in my headspace. He’s away from home today… but soon I’ll be able to roll around in bed with him, and then forever whenever I feel like it after that, right?

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