Yep, there actually are cute laptop bags out there to carry all your crap

If you've found yourself on your first day at your big new job (or preparing for school in the fall!) with a hideous briefcase a la Andie in The Devil Wears Prada, worry not. There are tons of cute laptop bags from which to choose so that you can look chic and fully prepared at the same time.

Let's find a new home for your goodies, lappies, and electronics…

7 regular purses from ModCloth that can totally double as bangin' diaper bags

Since the standard size for diaper bags tends to hover between 15 to 17" wide and 10 to 13" tall a LOT of bags can get the job done. In fact, I highly recommend picking a medium-to-large bag you adore and using it to house both your baby's stuff and your stuff — most large bags can easily hold a few diapers, baby food, car keys, a cell phone and a notebook with room to spare.