Hawaiian-style meatballs for those who can barely cook

So the first "meal" I ever learned to cook by myself was Hawaiian-style meatballs. It was my favorite food when I was a kid, but my mom took hours to make it the traditional homemade way. I discovered this way in college when my three roommates and I went shopping… hungover. It takes all of 8-15 minutes.


Avoiding turbulence: Keep in contact with family at home while traveling abroad

When we started planning our first international family trip, we had a few co-parenting hoops to jump through; negotiation and compromise is often the name of the co-parenting game. For this trip to happen, I had to assure my son's father that he would continue to have the routine contact he enjoys in our daily life, and that we would keep him apprised of our travel plans. As I sat down to work all the kinks out in this travel agreement, I learned several valuable lessons we will continue to employ as we enjoy traveling as a family and keeping all branches of our family tree satisfied and smiling.


How to de-boring the outside of an above-ground pool

Remember my parent's house in Maui? This summer their home improvement project was to install an above-ground pool — so very much more cost-effective than a below-ground pool, and just as refreshing. Though it may be just as refreshing, an above-ground pool is not just as attractive. So here's how we made the outside of this pool as pleasant as the inside…

Adorable log cabin cloffice space

Y'all probably know that I love me a good cloffice (closet-turned-office space). But I'm pleased as punch over my friend Eve's cloffice in her log cabin on the island of Maui that looks fit for fairies!