What will be the next “put a bird on it!” decor trend?

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Three Little Birds - Vintage Burwood PlaquesIf you’ve heard of the IFC tv show “Portlandia” (the not always funny but pitch-perfect skewering of West Coast hipsterism), then you’ve likely seen “Put a bird on it.”

This skit impeccably captures the ubiquitous indie-design trend of, well, putting a bird on everything. EVERYTHING. Baby clothes. Ash trays. Pillows. Wedding invitations. EVERYTHING gets a bird.

We’ve seen trends like this before. In the ’90s, anyone remember the celestial trend? Or the sunflowers trend? In the ’80 we had a lot of unicorns. Going back farther, who remembers the owls and mushrooms of the ’70s?

Of course, once the trend has been identified, that means creatives everywhere are already trying to put their finger/fingerprint on the next visual meme.

I have my prediction of what it will be/already is — do you have yours?

I predict tentacles, but Cat says that’s already come and gone. She says crystals and minerals.

So, what’s YOUR prediction? What will be the “putting a bird on it” of 2012?

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  1. I’m so out of touch, I wouldn’t even pretend to know. I’m tempted to say mason jars. I’ve been seeing a lot of them of late. If that’s the case, then I’m sure there will be more “country” kitsch to come with it.

    But more like modern country, not the old version with gingham and dried flowers.

  2. Oh lol! Thanks for almost inspiring me spit coffee on my work computer ;D I just saw only the title of this on my facebook feed and just about died. That sketch just about ruined me. I remember the unicorns! I still have a trunk with unicorns on it – maybe it will be cool again some day. I’m kind of wanting to see birds with mustaches – combine the two trends du jour! I think that would be fun, but maybe I’ve just done way too much paperwork today. If this is true about the mason jars then, excellent! I have been using those for for my bathroom things for years already, yey! 😀

  3. I agree with the crystals thing. I definitely have been seeing a lot of mineral/rock jewelry coming across my tumblr dash lately. Maybe it will spread to decor as well. Other than that, I’m not too sure.

  4. There are so many trends coming and going I can never keep track. Things that have come and gone: Vines, russian stacking dolls, filigree, chandeliers, ferns, deer/elk/moose, squirrels, roses, leaves, starbursts, and so much more I can’t count…

    Then there’s stuff that’s come and stuck around: mustaches, octopuses (octopi?), birds, sakura, clocks, dandelions…

    Or stuff that’s come and gone, then come back: owls, mushrooms, crystals/gems, butterflies…

    I’m predicting bugs are next. Like the housefly, firefly, bumblebee (although the bumblebee is already starting to get huge).

  5. Random Geometric shaped prints , accessories and fashion is everywhere. I’m gunning for fruit and Carmen Miranda themed fashion! (there have been a few fruity inspired collections this season).
    I like the idea of more Insects too!

  6. Giraffes are popping up all over etsy – maybe we’re headed in that direction? But “slap a giraffe on it” isn’t nearly as catchy.

  7. It may not be the next trend in the line, but steampunk is breaking into the mainstream. Right now, in the steam community it’s “stick a gear on it and it’s magically steampunk!” so I’m betting within the next year or so it’ll be “stick a gear on it, now it’s cool.”

    Or has that happened?

    • Yup, barf up some gears on that s*** annnnnd done. Mind you, I’m typing that whilst making flowers out of ties to attach to my next steampunk outfit. So, it’s not that I don’t love me some steamy gears.

    • hey you’re right! it is starting to be more known as a style. I see random gears on stuff in stores now too sometimes.
      AND HOW O HOW DO YOU MAKE FLOWERS FROM TIES??????????????????????????????? 😉

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