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World making you feel old? Here’s why I’m not letting it

Did you happen to see this 60th birthday boudoir shoot we posted recently? It’s deliciously sexy and makes age seem irrelevant, so much so that it sent a couple of our staff members into look-inward-mode about aging. It was a tiny reminder that age is just a number and you don’t have to succumb to those being-old tropes if you don’t want to. For me, it was a reminder that we don’t have to pre-age ourselves (AND especially not have it thrust upon us by our peers).

The marble trend: It’s black and white and cool all over!

What time is it? It’s fucking MARBLE TIME. Yes, I know it’s a massive trend at the moment, but I am riding this trend train to Marble Town and loving every minute of it.

My bedside table has a marble top, my bathroom features a bunch of marbleized accessories plus a countertop. I’m into it. So let’s just embrace this trend together and share some of our favorite ways to get that marble look into your homes and on your bodies!

Foxes are the new birds

Remember when we wondered what the next style and home decor trend would be? Portlandia nailed it to the freaking wall with “put a bird on it.” But, after doing a little online shopping on Modcloth, it’s seems to me that foxes are the new birds.

What does the fox say? It says “buy me.”

Come the revolution: Homesteading as an act of radical resistance

We wanted land. We wanted to grow real food, and raise animals for real milk and real meat and real eggs. We wanted to sit at our dining room table without a goat jumping from chair to chair. I had enough of a background in historic agriculture (to say nothing of a full-time job doing historic agriculture) that I was willing to take the leap out of the suburbs and into hobby farming. My husband quickly jumped onboard. We are the ones who are actively resisting the industrial food systems of the twenty-first century. Are we radicals? Absolutely. Are we rabid? No. We’ve just simply assessed the way things are going locally, nationally, and globally, and chimed in with Bartleby the Scrivener: We would prefer not to. We are not alone.

I Miss Drugs: the domestic lives of aging hipsters

The video is part of a series from I Miss Drugs, a Twitter feed and a series of very short web videos that skewer the all-too-familiar-to-me life of the gently aging hipster. It reminds me a little bit of an update on Will Farrell’s infamous “Maybe later we’ll go to Bed Bath & Beyond” bit from Old School a decade ago… except of course they’re making jokes about Etsy and Trader Joe’s. Witness…

Why does everyone’s house look the same?

Fuck your frame cluster. Fuck your decorative typewriter. Fuck your Eames rocker, your vintage map, your rotary phone and your card catalog. Fuck every inch of your sterile, homogeneous,”curated” apartment. Also, where did you get that throw pillow? It’s gorgeous!

Six ways to be on-trend and get crystals into your home

Crystals are the next big thing, no matter what anyone else may say. Don’t believe them. Believe only meeeeee.

I love crystals. Here are six ways to get them in your house.

What will be the next “put a bird on it!” decor trend?

Everyone might be “putting a bird on it” now, and we all remember design trends gone by (unicorns! owls! mushrooms!), but what’s coming next?