What will be the next “put a bird on it!” decor trend?

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Three Little Birds - Vintage Burwood PlaquesIf you’ve heard of the IFC tv show “Portlandia” (the not always funny but pitch-perfect skewering of West Coast hipsterism), then you’ve likely seen “Put a bird on it.”

This skit impeccably captures the ubiquitous indie-design trend of, well, putting a bird on everything. EVERYTHING. Baby clothes. Ash trays. Pillows. Wedding invitations. EVERYTHING gets a bird.

We’ve seen trends like this before. In the ’90s, anyone remember the celestial trend? Or the sunflowers trend? In the ’80 we had a lot of unicorns. Going back farther, who remembers the owls and mushrooms of the ’70s?

Of course, once the trend has been identified, that means creatives everywhere are already trying to put their finger/fingerprint on the next visual meme.

I have my prediction of what it will be/already is — do you have yours?

I predict tentacles, but Cat says that’s already come and gone. She says crystals and minerals.

So, what’s YOUR prediction? What will be the “putting a bird on it” of 2012?

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  1. I’ll still be putting a bird on it till kingdom come.
    Ohdeedoh suggested giraffes, but I can’t see that being as big as birds. Chevron is as big as birds maybe right now? I don’t know.
    But for the future?? No idea.

  2. I was going to say giraffes, too, but I really wish it was bunnies! Let’s make that happen! Also rocks/minerals/crystals, which I wouldn’t mind at all.

  3. I work in the home decor industry, so I get to see what the buyers are finding and coming up with.
    The released theme for this season has been “Country Fair” and “Americana.”
    Gingham, Mason jars, straw hats, baskets, pigs, roosters, picket fence, semi-garish colors, strawberries, denim, and other picnic odds and ends. I think people are wanting to remember how their grandparents made it through the Great Depression ok, and it gives them hope. Plus, it makes vintage finds and hand-me-downs acceptable so that the thrifty can stay haute as well.

  4. I think it’s already started but I predict there will be more damask, fleur de lis, and other patterns that used to be associated with granny’s wallpaper. That and other subtle throwbacks to Victorian – steampunk, feathers, and hats (esp after the royal wedding).

  5. I’m from near PDX and that show makes me want to move back…

    For decorating themes, I am sort of enjoying the birds while they’re here. And mason jars being in style means that more stores stock them. I’d love to see ferns on more things. Or mastadons.

    • Oooh I like the household items thing. Interesting. If I had any artistic skill I would be writing this all down to incorporate these motifs.

  6. Apologies if someone has already said this – way too many comments to read during my lunch hour – but Babushkas – they’re everywhere!! …and I love it!!

  7. I think Steampunk will become an even bigger trend than it already is. Look at Restoration Hardware – they don’t say steampunk, but all their stuff definitely has that vibe.

    My person hope is that the next “Bird” is “velociraptors” (or any kind of dinosaur).

  8. That bird is nowhere near done yet. It’s been around through the year of the owl, the year of the giraffe, the year of the rabbit, peacock, and this, the year of the Russian nesting doll. Next year, I believe, will be the year of the whale, and that bird will keep showing up on everything. It’s a perfect symbol for freedom and simplicity and people are gonna wanna keep looking at it until this economy picks up, or we all get used to it. Either way, it’s gonna be a while.

  9. Bunting is all over the place on Etsy. It has that twee vintage flavor it seems all the hip kids are excited about these days, so I say it’ll stick around a while.

  10. According to regretsy, barnwood is big now!

    I remember when butterflies (especially with sparkles) were EVERYWHERE around 2000. Gah. I still can’t bring myself to buy any clothing with even a butterfly silhouette on it.

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