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My area is going plastic bag free. How do I dispose of this cat poop?

In Australia, our big supermarkets are about to switch to being plastic bag free.

I’m all for this, but I regularly use the bags to dispose of icky kitty litter and was hoping I could get some suggestions as to more environmentally friendly (and hopefully cheap) options?

Makeup basics from a makeup artist: When to throw away makeup

Yes, that is a trash bag filled with makeup. Why would I commit such an atrocity? Because it was time. Sadly, all good things come to an end and for a lot of the makeup now residing in that trash bag, their end actually came and went a while ago yet I was still holding on. It can be difficult to purge old makeup, but purge I did and purge you must. There comes a time when you have to let go, and here’s why and how…

My name is Megan, and I’m hooked on plastic bags

We’ve talked about ditching plastic, we’ve talked about the joys of re-usable bags, and all that other great-for-the-environment stuff. Oh, but my darling Homies, I have something to confess… I’m addicted to plastic grocery bags.

Store your plastic grocery bags in tiny little folded triangles

While I love that Seattle recently enacted a plastic bag ban, I also have always made heavy use of my plastic grocery bags — they’re the perfect size for our smaller garbage cans, and I loath the idea of purchasing little plastic bags to hold trash. Because of this, I’ve started hoarding my diminishing stash of grocery bags, and A Lil Bird Told Me has a brilliant way to keep those slippery plastic sacks perfectly stored. Head on over to get the full instructions.

Is recycling still worth it?

I seem to have run into an obstacle in my marriage, regarding recycling. My husband seems to be under the impression that it takes more energy to recycle a bottle, or can, or cardboard box, than it does to simply toss it in the garbage — and therefore, is not worth recycling, because it’s creating more pollution than just tossing it.

So, I have some questions…

How our cat demands we use fabric grocery bags — and the 5 tricks we use to remember to use them!

I WANT to help the environment, but that alone usually does nothing to help me remember my reuseable shopping bags. Then the issue went from “Help the environment” to “Help the environment and save the cat from death by plastic.”

What’s your best trick on reducing the number of consumable plastics your household goes through?

Hey Homies! What do you think about turning some of our advice posts into VIDEO advice posts? We’ll still run text-only posts — so don’t worry if you’re camera-shy or don’t have the tech — but I think it’ll be fun for us to see members of the community once in a while. Here, let’s try it!

Happy cheery painted trash cans for Coachella

Coachella runs an annual competition for recycling bins, from which sprang this fab set of photos of artist Jacob Livengood’s entry. Never has a garbage can made me so happy.