7 irrationally delicious things you can make in this pi dish

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Pi Pie Pan
Pi Pie Pan

That, right there is a pie baked in the shape of pi, because there exists such a thing as the Pi Pie Dish. In honor of Pi day, let’s explore all of the delicious things that the culinary geeks who purchased this product have baked in this pi dish…

Brownie pi

Who says you need to make pie in the Pi dish? Pi Brownie (brownie pi?) is also perfectly acceptable. Who says you need to make pie in the pi dish? Brownies are also perfectly acceptable — in fact, recommended, as almost all sections of brownie will be the delicious end pieces!

Pies with perfectly proportionate pie-to-crust ratios

Photo by Amazon customer DPR
Photo by Amazon customer DPR

As DPR explained, “[This is the] perfect pan for the nerdy or the Pi(e) Day Fantic. This pan yields pies with a very delightfully larger proportion of crust to filling [and it] fits a larger portion of filling than a regular 9″ pie pan, so multiply your recipe by 4/3.”

Pi-can pie

π Day Pie #2, 2015

I can’t think of a better pie recipe for this pi dish than pecan pie. Grab the recipe over here, call it your pi-can pie recipe and profit.

Corn bread pi

Pi corn bread!

Get savory with this dish and make corn bread. Much like the pi brownie, this dish gives you a greater number of crusty end pieces!

Speedy blueberry pie pi

Photo by Larry Thomas
Photo by Larry Thomas

As Larry explained in his Amazon review… “I was so worried I was going to miss out on the festivities this 3/14/15 @ 9:26:53.59, as I had only 20 minutes to get my blueberry pie cooked. A slight change on the baking directions and cooked it at 475 for 10 minutes, and 400 for the remaining 10 had a perfectly cooked crust.”

Pi-nut butter pie

Photo by Candy Wong
Photo by Candy Wong

This is a peanut butter pie, filled with natural peanut butter, cream cheese, and whipped cream, covered in candied peanuts. (Psst: you can get more details on this dish over here.)


Put pi on a pi pie!

Photo by Jill Harder
Photo by Jill Harder

What mathematically delicious recipes would you make in this pi dish?

Comments on 7 irrationally delicious things you can make in this pi dish

  1. How about Mathsaka (moussaka in the pi dish)? Layers of eggplant, spiced mince- and my Mum makes it with macaroni instead of potatoes as it’s lighter. Plus a layer of semolina-y stuff and cheese. Om nom nom.

  2. I have to say as far as pie and pi goes, I prefer the simple geometric imagery of the circle. (Or maybe Calc II has me feeling all traumatized by the pi symbol, lol.) But oh man, this pan would be great for anything like brownies where what you really want is the crusty, carmelized, kinda burnt, edgy bits.

    I would put Frito pi in it. Short-rib chili, cheese, crema, chopped onion – all over some Fritos (natch).

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