Concert poster birth announcements FTW!

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Hello there Offbeat Mamas! It’s Megan from Offbeat Bride popping in to our sister site while Ariel is getting to know her son outside of her body. And what better way to celebrate a glorious thing like that than with some rad baby announcements!? Ah’like this ones perhaps?…
baby announcement
I have to thank my preggo friend Alex from Mom(me?) for bringing this business to my attention. The announcements, styled after gig posters for rock concerts, are created by the husband and wife team that make up Rattle-n-Roll (great name right?). You send them a photo of your newest family addition, they create a custom drawing from said photo and then insert it into one of their many rockin’ templates. Or they can do completely custom work as well for stuff like birthday parties, Christmas cards, and general awesomeness.

They kinda’ (okay, totally) made me wanna make an addition to my family just to have one designed for me! But for those of you that are expecting or have already given birth, you can live the dream man! Live the dream!

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