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You can call ’em what you want: DILFs or FILTHs (Fathers I’d Like To Hump), but the idea is the same: there are some hot offbeat papas out there, and we’re not above a little good humored objectification between friends. Not because we actually want to do anything adulterous — but just because hot guys are, well, hot, and there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the hotness of dedicated fatherhood.

So join us now as we celebrate one offbeat DILF, Rich Thomas, known for his Step Dadaism columns here on Offbeat Mama:


Rich has clearly been cultivating the perfect stubble for this shot, facial hair that practically shouts, “Well, fiddle-dee-dee: I’ve been so busy spending time with my wonderful son and lovely wife that I simply haven’t had time to shave!” It may look effortless, but I’m confident Rich spent an hour manscaping in the bathroom before the game to make sure the DILF-scruff was perfectly coiffed.

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  1. Haha love it! 'FILTH's is inspired. Oh and Ariel, get off your freaking computer! You literally *just* had a baby!

  2. so catcalls and "hey baby, are those mirrors on your pants 'cause i can sure see myself in 'em," welcome?

  3. :thud:

    (That was my jaw hitting the floor. )

    I was gonna say panties, but that might be a little TMI.

  4. This is such a cute idea, I can't wait till I can get a pic of my guy with the baby so I can submit it to Offbeat DILFs! Meanwhile I get his hotness all to preggo self 🙂

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