The completed closet-now-baby nook

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The baby nook, ready for actionLast month I shared our process of transforming our walk-in closet into a baby nook. Well, we finally (almost) finished the process, and I figured I’d share pictures.

The only thing missing is this poster, which is on its way from London.

Now, I’m not delusional here: despite the wide-angle lens, this is a small space. But I’m already envisioning how, once our baby is walking, we can unhinge the door, add a baby gate, and basically turn the little room into a padded toddler asylum filled with foam mattress flooring with pillows and blankets everywhere. And once he’s a little bigger, a tiny bunk bed with a cubby space underneath. We’ll see if we can milk this room ’til pre-school!

But for now, it’s a perfect place to change a diaper, do a quick feeding (this isn’t my nursing station, to be sure!), and store our impending son’s clothing and supplies.

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  1. Love it! And the poster is great. We see it quite a lot in Britain, it's quite trendy. You probably know the history (Second World War posters that never actually got issued after being printed, meant as a gentle reminder to people to carry on as normal.) We have one from the same series hanging at the top of our stairway reading "Freedom is in peril, defend with all your might." I'm thinking of using it as the the design for our wedding invites next year!

  2. I think that's perfect! (As well as the poster!) We moved to a two bedroom right after our soon was born, and I've been shocked to discover that his "nursery" it half-storage, half-part-time bedroom. He almost never uses it, though I sometimes have fantasies about him staying in bed all night…

    Beside the point, the space is the more delightful nursery I've seen in a long time. <3

  3. Our third bedroom is about that size and my daughter was fine in it until she was 3. Now my 1-year-old is in it and it's plenty of space. He only sleeps in there so no biggie. You've created a gorgeous, functional space that is plenty big enough for a baby and then toddler. Well done!

  4. When my dad was going to grad school, my family lived in a tiny university apartment. The walk-in closet was my bedroom until I was about four or five. I have fond memories of it, and it was great for my parents because I could only make a certain amount of mess with the number of toys that I could have in that space, and if I did make a huge mess and guests were coming over, no one was going to look in the closet! A lot of people want to set up a big, dedicated space for a baby or toddler, and that’s fine, when I was little, I didn’t need much personal space. A walk-in closet is a very practical setup.

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