See a tease from a colorgasmic home tour and live vicariously in a Mediterranean country

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In my neck of the woods, springtime has already become old hat and God is dishing up real scary weather — though it’s nothing compared to what the southeast US got — so it’s a nice change to ogle Flickr Pool shots of Homies elsewhere.

Hidden Kitchen Chalkboard

More of our new apartment... Fake lawn flowers In my Kitchen the day so far... Craft room and Guest bedroom (1) action figure shelf Fireplace Mantel horrible living room-19 Redone bathroom Raver house

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Comments on See a tease from a colorgasmic home tour and live vicariously in a Mediterranean country

  1. Oh. My. Gawd. The Dr. Horrible room is amazing! I feel like such a silly fangirl; it actually made me squee!

  2. Why am I imagining my brothers standing in front of that adventurer collection…

    Also, 1970’s kitchen is AWESOME. I used to associate the 70’s with bad, but I’ve been loving it lately!

  3. That day-glo house is up on Potrero Hill in SF – the western side. Maybe near Vermont St.? I always enjoy looking at it in the distance when I am at the top of Dolores Park!

  4. The How I met your Mother quote in the frame is EPIC! (or should I say legendary?)
    Seriously though, this whole montage is full of awesome.

  5. I have always dreamed of building a house out of a scrapped passenger plane. Both my parents are pilots – go figure.

  6. Holy patchouli! GORGEOUS montage. SO MUCH AWESOME! LOVE it! (I want that kitchen) 🙂

  7. The Dr. Horrible room is crazy awesome! Props to Johnathan for making me flail like the fan-girl I am.

  8. Angel+Lily’s desk has a great sign on it,the front room collection is divine,I want that Star Wars growth chart for my 24 year old self,and the LEGO ship in the bottle is fantastic.

  9. The Dr. Horrible-esque living room looks Horrible-esque because it *is* the Dr. Horrible living room. So basically, the apartment from Dr. Horrible looks Jonathan Riley-esque. So-called writhing fan-girls and you haven’t even bothered to listen to the commentary? ::shakes head::

    Whedon and Co. rented out Jonathan Riley’s home to shoot in. Also seen in the giant chair scene where he’s singing to the stalkery photo of Penny.

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