How to gift Christmas ornaments that will make humans, pets, and trees happy from Susabella

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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas with Susabella's ornaments.
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas with Susabella’s ornaments.

It’s Christmas tree time for me! I always get mine the week after Thanksgiving. Then it’s time to break out my ornaments and be all like “Oh hey, I forgot about this one. This is the one we got on our honeymoon! Aw, your mom gave us this guy, I’ll put it in a special place…” For some peeps (like me), one of the best parts of the holidays is decorating the tree.

Why not gift your loved ones an awesome, loving addition to their favorite holiday tradition? That’s totally easy to do with our longtime sponsor Susabella. Susabella specializes in personalized, handmade ceramic items for gifts, and home decor.

Check out this Christmas ornament gift guide complete with special discount from Susabella…

Say congrats on your home purchase


Know someone who just bought a new home? First of all, I’m jealous. Second of all, the Welcome Home ornament is pretty much the most adorable gift they could receive this year. D’awwwww.

Celebrate baby’s first Christmas


This was a perfect ornament for my little one’s first Christmas. Thanks for making it extra special! I will treasure it for years to come!

Susabella’s selection of “baby’s first” ornaments is bar none. Check out these cuties to commemorate a newborn cutie:

Don’t forget their fur babies

pet ornaments

You know what I always love to receive? Gifts that acknowledge that my pets are the best pets EVAR. I’d love to have an ornament on the tree with the name of all of my fur babies, present and past. Got an animal-lover in your life? Susabella has an ornament to honor their pet cat, pet dog, or pet dinosaur that they’ll love.

Create happy trees with awesome ornament sets


I remember my first “big kid” Christmas with that guy I married. We got our first tree and then realized… oh crap, we don’t have ornaments. Then came the mad dash to buy enough of ’em to not make our tree look sad. I was over-the-moon to be gifted an awesome ornament set by my mother. Any of these Susabella ornament sets — from family-themed to decorative — would leave your giftee stoked and their tree looking happy.

Comments on How to gift Christmas ornaments that will make humans, pets, and trees happy from Susabella

  1. I have some of the ugliest 70’s ornaments in the world because of the memories surrounding them. Decorating the tree is the best part of Christmas! These ornaments are lovely, and I do know a new baby whose mama would like these…

  2. My husband and I dated at college for several years before we moved in together, and from about year two we had a tradition of giving each other Christmas baubles at Christmas. It meant that the first Christmas we had a tree of our own we could fill it with ornaments we had collected over the years, rather than going out at that point and trying to build up a collection to fill a tree on a budget.
    One of my friend’s boyfriend’s families growing up had a tradition of using tree decorations as gift labels, so the kids built up their own collection of one from each family member each year as they were growing up.
    We sometimes give personalised Christmas decorations as wedding presents (names and wedding date) – people really seem to like it.
    I think it can be nice to build up collections organically of lots of ornaments where each one (or set) is special and has a particular association. Makes decorating the tree fun in so many ways!

  3. It’s also my favorite part about decorating when I pull out the ornaments. When Shawn and I moved in together, almost all of the ornaments were mine from when I was a kid or ones I was gifted over the years (my mom still does this). Now, we have a tradition that when we travel, we get an ornament or 2 to put on the tree the following Christmas and now we have a good collection.

    Anyway — I love these ornaments, I’ll definitely be checking them out. 🙂

  4. My sister and her wife are closing on their house on Dec. 23 so I love the idea of a housewarming ornament!

    Like others in the comments decorating the tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. There is always at least one ornament in each of our stockings, sometimes multiple, so we use a fine-tipped permanent marker to put our initials and the year on each one. Then when we’re decorating we look for the initials and each hang our own, assuming we’re home for that activity. Sadly it’s been a couple years since I got to be at my parents’ for that.

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