Use a cake-stand as a bathroom caddy

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Bathroom Caddy

So, let’s say you were an Offbeat Bride. You procured or made an amazing cake or cupcake stand for your fabulous wedding. Now you’re an Offbeat Homie and you’re like, “Bitches, I have all this wedding decor — wtf can I do with all of it?” Well, we’ve had several examples of repurposed wedding decor, but here’s your baskets moment for the day: Use that cake stand as a bathroom caddy.

Big props to westerly_whimsies on Flickr for the inspiration!

Comments on Use a cake-stand as a bathroom caddy

    • 1. If you’ve never used it to do a flower arrangement, I SO recommend that. Or pretty much any Pinterest idea for filling a glass vessel with cute stuff as holiday decor.
      2. Upside down on a plate? It’s a terrarium.
      3. Makeup/makeup brush storage. Make cardboard dividers, fill half with glass stones to stand brushes up in, fill other side with random makeups or face STUFF.

  1. I love unexpected ways to organize. I organized my bathroom stuff in little baskets (totally inspired by the original baskets post!) But i like the tiered effect of this. I have a very small bathroom so counter space is vital. This way you can store more…upwards!

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