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This DIY Settlers of Catan gaming table is game room #goals

This DIY Settlers of Catan gaming table is game room #goals

If you play Settlers of Catan, you’ve probably felt the sting of a too-small table or maybe just weird positioning for the players. This homemade table maximizes the play area with card areas, cup holders, and organization areas for all of the resources and bits and bobs. It’s EPIC and deserves to live in all of our game rooms. If I had one. Which I will someday!

Anyway, let’s hoard our wheat (just kidding) and head on over to see the full DIY Settlers of Catan gaming table..

Cads about Maternity: The baby shower game that won’t suck!

Cads About Maternity is the baby shower game for parents with dark, dirty minds — so you know it’s good.

The results are as joyful and disgusting as parenthood itself. And I promise it just may be the one baby shower game that everyone ACTUALLY wants to play.

Board games for people who hate board games

My fiancé is a board game geek, we have over 100 board games! The problem is that I’m not such a big fan (and am also a massive sore loser, we both are). So he has to try and find games that I will like, so we can play at home.

Here are the board games we play. Board games for people, like me, who don’t like board games…

Tabletop roleplaying: How my least grown-up hobby might be the most adult

I’d never try to claim I’m not a geek, I’d go so far as to describe myself as a nerd on many topics, but I do get irritated when people suggest my hobby — tabletop roleplaying — makes me antisocial or somehow withdrawn. In fact, it’s fantastically social and imaginative!

Here’s why you should think about getting into tabletop roleplaying…

How to play Cards Against Humanity as a baby shower game

I wanted to show off the awesome way that Ken and Erika and their guests played a large-scale game of Cards Against Humanity as an hilarious baby shower game!

(Psst: While these cards are hilariously baby-themed, you could easily change this to fit any party theme: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs… This game is always a winner.)

Play this quote-matching game at your next movie-themed party

Yeah, this particular movie quote game was invented for a wedding shower, but this could be fun for any movie-themed shindig you’re hosting — birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, baby showers, etc.

5 ways a deck of cards can rescue you from boredom

Bored? I’ve got 52 reasons for you to perk up! Just grab a regular deck of playing cards and you’re well on your way to fun. Obviously, you could just play Bridge. But you’re here for the offbeat suggestions, right?

Killer Uno: The best non-drinking game ever

We need a safe outlet in which to pounce, cuss, fist-pump, gloat, turn the tables and score before we do some actionable damage to ourselves and those around us. I give you: Killer Uno. The game is simple…