Brigsby’s kind of crazy carnivalesque nursery

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Brigsby's Nursery My husband’s only stipulation for Brigsby’s nursery was that he have a sky above his head. Beyond that, he stepped back and let me run with it.

So, the sky was yellow. But it needed something … so I nailed plastic swallows to the ceiling. And then came the blue walls, but they were lacking something, too. So I bought a stencil — one individual stencil — and stenciled hundreds of little red patterns on every wall. It was torture but I wouldn’t admit it until it was done.

As we started pulling the furniture together — which was mostly all hand me downs or bought off of Craigslist (except the crib, which was a gift) it started to remind me of a carnival. That made me happy because we started the whole thing with no real theme in mind. So I made some pennants and stars with felt and hung some lights.

It’s surprisingly relaxing and soothing — especially at night with just the string lights on. It’s a quiet chaos.

Brigsby's Nursery

Brigsby's Nursery

Brigsby's Nursery

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  1. How beautiful! When I first looked at it I thought it was too busy for baby but the colors are kind of soothing and the furniture is beautiful. I love it! So much better than light blue and puppies or something!

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