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Kid's room decor (that you can totally use on your adult walls!)

The sweetest whimsical nursery decor (that you can totally use on your adult walls!)

Are you ever shopping online for that perfectly saccharine, pastel, animal-themed, or just plain sweet art for your walls and end up in the whimsical nursery decor section? Yeah, yeah, these prints are mostly for kid’s rooms, but who says you can’t rock that pastel unicorn, dapper sloth, and sparkly constellation illo on your own adult walls? YOU DO YOU. And I’m going to do me by snagging that bespectacled tabby who is clearly my patronus.

On to stealing art from the children (or putting it on the kids’ walls, too!)…

How a colorful wedding cake inspired this colorful nursery design

When I started following @ohhappyday on Instagram, I discovered they had a dot wall which reminded me of our wedding cake! I even noticed that they had a tutorial on how they did it. I knew I needed a dot wall in our home. And what better spot than our baby’s nursery?

Geeky, science-themed nursery for the child of a librarian

Thanks to Offbeat Home reader Stephanie who uploaded pics to our Flickr pool of her most charmingly geeky nursery! There are unexpected science-themed touches in every part of this room — feminist scientist artwork, a lamp made of lab materials, and a chair upholstered with a double helix pattern… just to name a few things.

adopt a soldier

My 5 ideas for non-baby themed nurseries

My husband and I are only just beginning to talk about having a baby, but like the overeager person I am I’ve already been looking at different baby room inspiration online. Over the past few weeks I have looked at all the available store themes and come to one conclusion: they are not us. Baby animals, over-powering geometric patterns, PINK…. just because it’s for a baby’s room doesn’t mean it has to be infantile!

Henri and his wondrous carnival-themed striped nursery

I totally squealed when these photos of Henri’s carnival-themed nursery popped up in our Flickr pool — I love these glimpses into people’s worlds! Henri’s room is adorbz, and (BONUS POINTS) his parents even found a way to feature a clown that isn’t a creepy. Let’s check it out.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and we’re about to have twins: help?!

We are very excited to find out that our little bundle of joy is in fact two! But now that I’m into my second trimester I’m finally over the morning sickness long enough to think about how this is all going to work. We live in a one bedroom condo, and I’m not sure how to make it work with two babies.

How to pull off free-hand stenciled wall art

I have been fantasizing about creating some sort of mural or crafty art on some wall of our house, and our future baby’s room seemed to be the perfect place! I was dreaming up plans for a tree stencil on the nursery wall. After researching wall stencils, I realized I didn’t want to pay for something I could do myself. It seemed easy enough, and it was!

A happy yellow, green, blue and teal nursery with DIY touches and hand-me-down toys

We wanted a bright and cheerful room for our child’s nursery, and it definitely needed to be fit for a boy or girl. Instead of building the room around a theme we built it around color, and as you’ll see there’s DEFINITELY a lot of it in there!