I’m eight months pregnant and just finally decided to give breastfeeding my child a go. Problem? I had pierced nipples.

Well, I still have them, as the holes have not closed up.

I was told once by a piercer when I was going to get them double-pierced that the piercings were done semi-low and I might have problems with it in the future. I asked my OB and he said he’s not really had any experience with this and that I shouldn’t have problems.

I wanted to know if any offbeat mamas out there had REAL advice on the subject. Is there something I wouldn’t think of I need to do? Or not to do? HELP!


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  1. I’ve had nipple piercings before and it caused absolutely no issues breastfeeding. Not to say we didn’t have issues, but they were entirely unrelated! Of course I don’t think you can breastfeed with the jewellery still in, but the holes it leaves behind are no problem. Milk might squirt out of the piercings, but it’s going to squirt out in all sorts of odd directions anyway. 🙂

  2. I did when i was a teen. I am now 32 and have exclusively been breastfeeding my 11month old. I have scar tissue there from an accident on the beach. Both my personal and professional opinion, its fine. There isn’t just one milk duct, there are many. The only time breastfeeding can not be done is when a women has a breast reduction and the nipple is reconstructed. Good luck.

  3. Had my left nipple pierced.. with both babies it leaked almost constantly and would never get engorged except in the very beginning. My right one, however, was not pierced and would get huge, while all the leaking kept my lefty smaller.. baby prefers the fuller boob.. no problems producing milk at all though. =)

  4. I am 8 months into my breastfeeding experience. When my girl was born my holes were still open. I had not issues will production or baby latching. The only issue I had was a small milk blister. This was right around where my piercing was so I am not sure if it was related. I was able to clear the blocked milk from the blister and it healed up with no issues but was painful prior to healing.

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