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I’m a therapist with self-harm scars

I am a Residential Therapist and a recent graduate. And I have concern about how to address my self-harm scars to my clients.

I have considered surgery for the major scars and tattoos for the minor scars. Looking for insight from others in the professional or helping field.

My daughter’s aunt and I have different values — how do I teach my daughter the difference without being rude?

My sister-in-law is planning to undergo elective plastic surgery after her second child is born. I love and support her in whatever she chooses to do but we have different values in regards to this topic. How do I explain that to my little girl in a way that can be used as a teaching moment and not offend someone we love so dearly?

Piercing question: I have dermal anchors in my back — should I remove them before giving birth?

I am a first time mama-to-be and I have piercings, as I am sure many other offbeat readers do. The question I am coming up on is about some of my less than removable piercings, namely, my dermal anchors.

Books explaining tattoos, piercings, and other body modification

My husband and I both have tattoos, and our son is just used to them. He likes fake tattoos (he gives them to himself and us with markers, and he also likes the rub-on kind), and is amused by our body decoration, but doesn’t really seem to care either way. I’m sure at some point he’ll ask why some people have tattoos, piercings, and so on and others don’t, so it’s cool to know these books exist.

Can I breastfeed if I have nipple piercings?

Jacqueline has taken the piercings out of her nipples, but still has the holes. Since she’s eight months pregnant, she’s wondering — can she breastfeed her baby with pierced nipples?

My six-year-old wants her ears pierced: where can we go?

If your child wants his or her ears pierced and YOU don’t want it to be by a piercing gun… what are your options? Is taking your child to a piercing studio an option?

How will my grandchildren shock me?

I think about the stuff that SO outraged my now-deceased paternal grandmother and am baffled at about how old fashioned she seemed.

Challenges of helping an independence-craving teenager

Teens and toddlers have more in common than meets the eye–particularly when it come to their cravings for independence.