Lindzilla takes a living room from white and bland to blue and just a smidge nerdy

Guest post by Sara Lindsay

Remember Sara, of the heavenly laundry room redo? This is her living room makeover. Enjoy! — Cat

Okay: the paint is fresh, which means we haven’t been able to hang any art or photos. And we still have a few changes we want to make — a new mantle eventually, panel curtain set-ups framing the entryway and the dining room. Everything’s always evolving, anyways, so you know. Change happens. But… I think she’s ready to show off?

Here she is in her before state — this was during the final walkthrough before we started the house-buying process:

Are you ready?


Eventually we’re going to get nice nice photos of Brutus & Tang to hang in the space above these stools.

We FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got to put our bookcases up! Super yay!

These were our main living room tables for two years — now they’re perfect nested as a side table and pulled out during parties.


Comments on Lindzilla takes a living room from white and bland to blue and just a smidge nerdy

  1. I love mirrors, but I will never understand the whole-mirror-wall. It can be beautifully executed and in theory, they’re just amazing.
    But can you imagine stumbling through the house at 3am in the dark for a glass of water and EEK INTRUDER ATTACK! Oh, wait. Nevermind. That’s me I see. o_o
    Great call to cover it up (haha) and I LOOOOVE this blue.

    • They actually removed the portal to hell that was hanging on the wall there. I know people have painted mirrors but I don’t think it ever looks good.

      • Some people choose to just build a wall in front of it rather than removing it. I don’t get the logic on that, but sometimes, removal means ripping out the wall anyway, so may as well leave it in case a future buyer wants it, I guess.

  2. I am in LOOOOVE with your house!!!! and so terribly excited that other people paint their rooms nice strong and righ colors. I grew up in a very pale house….

  3. I really, seriously, want the See No Evil… bookends. So bad. Any clue of a way for me to have those?

    PS: rest is fantastic, and leaves me with home-owning envy… soon, so so soon!

  4. I love bright colors on walls. I feel like I’m drowning in our ivory-walled apartment that we’re not allowed to paint. SIGH. Also I love your taste in books. Speaker for the Dead = <3 <3

  5. I rescued Mists of Avalon from my mom’s garage yesterday! i’m excited to start it…how funny to see it on your shelf. And Speaker for the Dead was a fav in HS. I have a feeling we’d be library buddies.

  6. Love the room! I’d just like to know where you got the narrow media shelves. I’ve been searching for something like that FOREVER 🙂

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