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I am a bit of a vintage fanatic, so it makes sense that my interest in clothing from other time periods extends to how I choose to dress Jasper. Etsy is always my first go-to for all things vintage and kiddos, but I recently found myself a little overwhelmed: there is an incredible amount of options out there! I enlisted the help of vintage fashion guru Jenny Mitchell of Frecklewonder, and she couldn’t stop raving about some of these shops!

Since vintage can run up and down the pricing ladder, I’ve arranged the shops by what you’ll pay (from lowest to highest), including shipping.

These size 4T vintage 70s plaid pants come from Jenny's kids shop, Kid Wonder.

OhSydney! Vintage oozes adorable and wallet-friendliness: this size 3T pony shirt is $4, including shipping. Another fave is the children’s size 6 vintage blue Hawaiian dress. Plus, OhSydney! has a sweet collection of adult vintage clothing, like this purple disco dress I’m obsessed with.

Vintage Pony Shirt from OhSydney! Vintage.

I am a HUGE fan of turtlenecks on kids, especially cute vintage striped turtlenecks. So you can imagine my happiness when I discovered this striped size 2T top at Fuzzymama’s shop. At $10 for the shirt and shipping, it’s a steal.

Size 2T Health Tex shirt from Fuzzymama vintage.

Sometimes baby clothing makes me a little weepy with all of its cuteness, and this size three months vintage baby blue shirt ($14.50) from Hart and Sew is no exception. It’s quite possibly one of the dantiest shirts I’ve ever seen for a baby girl — and it’s not pink!

Vintage Blue Baby Shirt, size three months from Hart and Sew.

I’m always stoked when a shop has equal amounts of boy and girl vintage — it seems like it’s so much easier to find girl stuff, which can suck if you have a boy. BlueBirdLucy’s shop is awesome — she’s got a great girl’s section and boy’s section. What she also has is an even more incredible boy-and-girl section, which is where I found this sweet little number ($15.25):

Vintage Green Stripe Romper, size 12 months from BlueBirdLucy's Vintage.

Since I don’t have space to feature them all, here are a few more of Jenny’s picks: Accomplice Vintage, Ms Tips, AdaLou, BInspired Vintage, 3ringcircus, Kyssa Vintage, and Lishyloo Vintage. As always with all things vintage and most things Etsy: once it’s gone, it’s gooooone.

Fellow vintage kid’s clothing fiends: where do you score your threads?

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  1. im lucky that my town has a couple of really neat vintage shops and i have gotten some great clothes from them. Though i mostly am into vintage jewelry

  2. i realized just how old i am this easter when my kid wore my bunny sweater from my childhood (handknit by my grandma) and everyone was going on about how cute the “vintage sweater” is and wanting to know where i found it.

  3. In Austin, Tx Room Service on Northloop has great vintage clothes, decor, and toys for kiddos. There are also a few booths w/ children’s stuff at the big Antique Mall near Burnet. I also get lucky sometimes at Savers and The Assistance League shop (both also Burnet)

  4. What a great blog! Thanks for the mention, I love ALL of these stores! We are a vintage wearing household, for sure. I get most of my items from local thrift stores, etsy, and on occasion, eBay! 🙂

  5. WOW—great post! Vintage is THE way to go to maximize style and budget.Thanks for the Fuzzymama mention Frecklewonder and Offbeatmama. I am a new follower to your blog–fun!!

  6. I am constantly scouring op-shops, garage sales and markets for my kids. school fairs are also a really good source of cheap vintage kids stuff, sometimes you can fill a bag with heaps of stuff for a set price, like $5! I also look on etsy and ebay for bargains you can type in “sale” as a tag line and come up with some super clearances. I mix and match old and new with stuff that I make/alter/embellish myself.Not surprisingly my kids (one boy and one girl) are stylish individuals.

  7. heart and sew is one of my favourite vintage kids shops EVER. Her prices are decent and lately she’s been posting super cute 40’s girl’s dresses for under $20. Now I shared my secret but I guess someone else already did! Anyways today I stumbled upon a girl at a giant yard sale who is selling BOXES of vintage kids clothes she bought from an estate sale lady who was moving and getting out of the business… Score for my etsy shop (and my own kids of course!)

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