Un-blahing a blah spice rack to organize beads

Guest post by Cynthia

These spice racks seem so useful, but I’ve never figured out what to do with them. Cynthia to the rescue!

Before: The Spice Rack
We received two new spice racks when we got married. Here’s the old, boring spice rack we were getting rid of. Then I realized I could put it to new use. It had old expired herbs and was slightly sticky from a long time sitting by the stove. Thorough cleaning needed!

Newly painted bead organizer
I repainted the old rack to match the girly colors of my craft room, and repurposed it to hold beads.

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Comments on Un-blahing a blah spice rack to organize beads

  1. I have that spice rack! And I was planning to donate it soon because I got a better one for the way I use spices. Unfortunately, I threw out the old spices, so I don’t have the containers. I might have to hunt around and see if I can find something that will fit, because that’s a stellar redo!

    • I have these containers but donated the spice rack. Do you want them?? I was just about to donate them (later today actually). I don’t bead so don’t have much use for them.

  2. Good idea, my spice rack is built into my cabinets next to my stove, which was a nice house buying surprise so I have no real need for this spice rack, but holders for buttons and craft things, yes!

  3. What a popular spice rack! I have it as well, but also have a shoebox full of a lot of duplicate spices that dont fit in the rack.
    AND I have a whole closet of beads and beading supplies. What an awesome idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to see photos of the rest of this craft area! Judging by this project and the cute boxes behind, this looks like an awesome DIY craft space. I’m really sick of all the manifactured craft areas on Pinterest and would like to see more actual everyday craft areas. Great use of a spice rack!

  5. I did this project! I must have been inspired by this post since I’ve been reading OBH since the beginning, but I forgot where I saw it when I actually got around to doing the project and couldn’t ask this question! Hopefully someone in the future who has also done this craft can leave their experience. When I did this, I used the same style spice rack, but I did not have a wooden one, just a metal one. I think they all have metal lids on the containers, however. What kind of paint did everyone use? I couldn’t find spray paint in all the colors I wanted (stand was white, the lids were RYGBV), and didn’t feel right buying a WHOLE CAN of spray paint (or more!) for this one stupid project, so I went with acrylics from AC Moore. I tried roughing up the surfaces of everything with sandpaper first, but despite my poor paint choice working well for the stand, it couldn’t withstand the pressures of uncapping the lids. It sat, untouched, in my dining room for several months, being as I don’t do any crafts with small beads or in any other way could use it, until my friend once saw it and exclaimed she must have it and it finally had a purpose that wasn’t “cluttering up the house”. I gave her the rainbow spice rack (she hides her weed in it now) and haven’t thought about it since. My question is, what kind of paint is best? Acrylic is a definite no (learn from my mistakes!), but what were your experiences? Would spray paint have worked? I had purchased some spray seal coating stuff but hadn’t had good enough weather to use it, so I do not know if it would have worked. Cynthia probably isn’t still checking the comments on this post anymore, but I’ll shout out to the other folks who followed facebook here.

  6. Totally awesome idea. I’m not into beading so much though. Painting supplies a little too big……….

    I think I may steal the idea for my hair supplies. I’m a gluten for stuff for my hair. I totally have enough poneytail holders, bobby pins, little clips and stuff to fill that up.

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