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Tips for helping your family rock at music festivals

A common passion that my husband, Eric, and I have is seeing live music. We enjoy festivals in particular because we can see a bunch of bands during the weekend and possibly become a new fan. We decided that just because we have a baby didn’t mean our love for live music had to change — so we just started taking her with us!

Bonnaroomama’s baby photos

bonnaroomama explains: “After my son was born, complications from my c-section left me hospitalized for about three weeks. My family worked very hard to keep my son near me and support my breastfeeding efforts.” It looks like despite those rough first three weeks, Bonnaroomama and her family have gone on to enjoy a rich life […]

Kids are portable

One of the promises that my husband and I made to ourselves when we talked about having children, was that we’d continue to satisfy our desire to travel. We looked forward to carting our future children around the country and around the world. Our 16 month old daughter has taken three trips in her life, […]

Kids in cans

For those of you considering bringing your kidlets to concerts or festivals, here’s living proof that not only will children tolerate wearing headphones, he/she will look way too cute doing it! For more pics of kids in cans, read on! Baby’s first encounter with Britney Spears, perhaps? Ah, much better! Is there anything better than […]

Kid’s noise cancelling headphones: all the fun with none of the hearing damage

Our little roadie at her best. Angelene (aka A.Jams) is seen here with her rockstar headphones, the Peltor Junior Earmuffs. They come in tons of colors.