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Gift your friends an early start on festival gear with these dried flower crowns

Over on Offbeat Bride, we featured a whole slew of fanciful dried flower crowns for weddings that can easily be worn every day, at closer-than-you-think spring and summer festivals, and wherever you like. Like, sitting on your couch eating cheesy poofs looking magical AF. Here’s a quick preview of some of my faves…

Bad-ass woman warrior costumes and armor for LARP, Ren faires, cosplay, or Halloween

I was thinking about the upcoming summer festival season, convention season, Renaissance faires, and of course, it’s never to early to plan your Halloween costume. And it dawned on me: this past year has been ALL about the woman warrior. From the Dora Milaje in Black Panther to Wonder Woman to Captain Phasma to Tessa Thompson’s epic Valkyrie, bad-ass women in armor are where it’s at.

So I went a-hunting for some not-too-revealing, super kick-ass woman warrior costumes and armor for all your LARPing, convention, Ren faire, cosplay, or sexy role play needs. Here are some of the best I found…

What to expect at your first Renaissance faire from @offbeathome

Pickles, pirates, and busty ladies: what to expect at a Renaissance fair

As a huge fantasy geek, dressing up in period costume, eating giant dill pickles on sticks, and watching sexy people joust is my happy place. I also wrongly assumed that everyone else in the world was attending their own local Ren fairs/fests and huzzah-ing along with me. But after posting a shot of my recently acquired new garb online, I came to find out how wrong I was. Fellow editor, Chris, started asking me all these questions and was worried she’d be ridiculed for her lack of knowledge of olde-y world-y things (spoiler: hell no!). We decided that I should write up a primer for preparing to embark on a geeky trip back in time. Here’s what to expect at your first Renaissance fair.

Music festival season: where are you going, and how are you preparing your family?

Oh, you guys. It’s fully upon us: summer music festival season, which for some of us means packing up the entire family to dare the crowds, the heat, and the occasional disoriented daytime psychonaut at our favorite festies. After the amazing experiences I had with my family last year at Oregon’s Beloved Festival, I’m in full-fledged preparation mode to head back to the festival again next month. So, where are y’all headed this summer?

Taking my son to his first music festival

The last time we went to a music festival, it was summer of 2009 and I was pretty pregnant. We stayed for about a day, and then we bailed — with much navel gazing and obsessing from me. WHAT DID IT MEAN? So that was three years ago. I’ve continued to dance, mostly at dance studios and very occasionally at clubs… but we had not made it back to a music festival. Then along came the Beloved Festival, in Oregon. I was contacted about doing an Offbeat Families workshop at Beloved, and so here’s how it all went down…

A gigantic guide to bringing your young child(ren) to Bonnaroo

Two weeks ago I asked you guys how we could make our trip to Bonnaroo easier on our three-year-old, and I got a TON of awesome feedback. We recently completed our adventure, and I’m happy to report that everything went a TON better than I thought it would. In fact, I’d say that we had the best possible experience we could have — Bonnaroo and kids might be a great match after all.

We’re taking our 3 year old to Bonnaroo: what should we keep in mind?

The whole family’s going to Bonnaroo! So quick, tell me: how can we make sure two adults and one three-year-old have a stellar time?

Tips for helping your family rock at music festivals

A common passion that my husband, Eric, and I have is seeing live music. We enjoy festivals in particular because we can see a bunch of bands during the weekend and possibly become a new fan. We decided that just because we have a baby didn’t mean our love for live music had to change — so we just started taking her with us!