Ethereal and dreamy artist’s studio in New Zealand

Guest post by Jinx in the Sky

WOW — here’s the dreamy white and blue studio of Jinx in the Sky, filled with high-shine glass and vintage accoutrements. Enjoy!

I'm an artist, and this is where I work.

My painting space is located in an apartment building in central Wellington, New Zealand. I live and paint there, which I find more practical (and cost efficient) than having a separate studio.

It’s nice and bright with lots of natural light which plays an important part in creating my art so I can choose the right colours and see my drawings.

I hang inspiring pictures on the wall above my painting desk. Some of it is my own art, or art of friends or photos of good times which give me a little push to create on days when I’m a little off.

The space has large windows from which I can see the city, the forest and a part of the ocean. It’s a beautiful view and I like being on top of the world and being able to see what’s going on – it gives me a feeling of control.

It’s also a good spot for watching the moon rise. The moon features often in my art.

Parts of my studio sometimes feature in my paintings such as: the way the pictures are hung on the wall; the style of furniture like my chair or the victorian mirror but also the little pieces I’ve got lying around (diamonds, keys, glass bottles, little treasures) all add to the magic like dream symbols I’ve taken with me into waking life and back into my art again.

All furniture is secondhand. It's so cheap and I love reusing something instead of having a new piece, made in China.
Ancestors of a friend of mine. I think they came from Poland. It's the only old-as-shit photo I own. I cherish it like they're my own family.
My collection of diamonds and seaglass.
These pretty glass bottles are -- as you can guess -- also from an op shop. They didn't have any lids so I cut up some champagne corks with a knife and shaped them so they'd fit, then painted them.
This is my favourite cause it's the tiniest! I love small glass bottles. Nowadays everything's plastic...

If you want to share a space in your house, read up over on the Submisions page. We want to see them.

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  1. I love your glass bottle collection. My grandmother collects glass bottles, and I have always loved the way they look on a shelf. Yours are beautiful.

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