Whether it’s mid-century or modern, all-grey home decor is actually pretty dynamic

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All photos courtesy of Redfin
All photos courtesy of Redfin

I’m having a love affair with grey home decor at the moment. So when I was doing my usual (and super-pointless as I am not looking to buy a home) sweep of the Los Angeles real estate market on my beloved Redfin, I was floored by the surprisingly dynamic all-grey interior design of these two homes.

On the one hand we have a mid-century home in the hills of Coldwater Canyon, and on the flip-side is a very modern condo in the heart of Hollywood!

Check out these photos, and get your Pin-speration fingers ready…

Mid century-style all grey home decor

mid century grey home decor 1

mid century grey home decor 2

mid century grey home decor 3

mid century grey home decor 4

mid century grey home decor 5

mid century grey home decor 6

mid century grey home decor 7

mid century grey home decor 8

mid century grey home decor 9

mid century grey home decor 10

mid century grey home decor 11

mid century grey home decor 12

mid century grey home decor 13

mid century grey home decor 14

Modern-style all grey home decor

modern grey home decor 1

modern grey home decor 2

modern grey home decor 3

modern grey home decor 4

modern grey home decor 5

modern grey home decor 6

modern grey home decor 7

Got any more grey home decor porn for my eyeballs? I wanna see it!

Comments on Whether it’s mid-century or modern, all-grey home decor is actually pretty dynamic

  1. I love silver; it’s one of my favorite accent colors, especially for jewelry (real or costume).

    When we went couch shopping a couple years ago, I was disappointed by the lack of colors and patterns (since I want ALL OF THEM). All the couches were neutral colors, so we settled for a nice grey couch, which looks fine in our red-walled living room. Not until it was delivered did we realize it was the exact same shade as one of our cats.

      • I thought my husband was nuts when we were couch shopping and his eye settled on a grey couch. I associate grey with blah weather and tombstones, plus I really wanted red because I was planning doing a red accent wall. But the grey couch was in our price range and was very comfortable so even though it was grey we bought it.
        I was amazed first of all at how it matched our weird olive green hand me down love seat and our blueish carpet. But what I was most psyched about is that the cat fur doesn’t show on it! If we had gotten my dream red couch it would have been noticeably coated with fur in an instant. The grey couch is coated with fur … but not noticeably! Yay for less vacuuming!

  2. I love grey for furniture because you can change the look easily with throw pillows etc.

    I hate it for whole rooms! It feels cold and washed out. Living in an area with limited sunshine for at least 4 months per year, I’d get so depressed being surrounded by all grey.

    • Yeah… I bet in LA, this looks chic as fuck. I’m in Seattle and I am so maxed out on grey during the rainy winter. Bright colors give me the will to live through December.

  3. Aww, I wish I had pictures of my parents’ castle inspired master suite from when I was growing up. All in grays with black furniture, stone bathroom floor. Similar color scheme – VERY different aesthetic.

  4. I live in the UK in a city famed for it’s rain and we have pale grey walls and a dark grey charcoal sofa – it’s not remotely washed out or cold! I must admit though I am not a big fan of the grey on grey look.

    We have pale but warm grey walls (there are greys and there are greys , choose with care) and have a lot of mid century modern style wood furniture, white painted wooden trim and then a lot of colorful and patterned things. The overall effect is a clam neutral backdrop (softer and less stark than gallery white but same anything goes effect) against which our colourful things really pop! The whole room feels warm because of all the warm tones of the wood and although there are many different colored accessories there are just slightly more reds and oranges than other colors. What I love though is that we can add literally any other colour in and it finds a place.

  5. Love love love the gray!!!! My bedroom is done in gray with pops of red and purple…. With a purple moose head on the wall. I love how gray can make bright colours shine. It’s like a comfy support bra… But for colours…

  6. Oh god yes this giving me a decor ladyboner. I love grey. Especially with dark wood. Such a glorious neutral, it goes with anything I throw at it. I’m extremely distractable when it comes to decorating, my approach is basically “OO SHINY. YAY COLORS.” so grey is my friend. My dream is to someday have grey walls with like a subtle shimmer/glitter in the paint so I can live in a sparkly cave.

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