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Whether it’s mid-century or modern, all-grey home decor is actually pretty dynamic

I’m having a love affair with grey home decor at the moment. So when I was doing my usual (and super-pointless as I am not looking to buy a home) sweep of the Los Angeles real estate market on my beloved Redfin, I was floored by the surprisingly dynamic all-grey interior design of these two homes…

Our Lead Web Developer Kellbot’s colorful yuppie McMansion

When we were house hunting in 2011 I desperately wanted something with character. A 100+ year old building with cool architectural details, maybe some exposed brick or stone walls… I ended up with a new construction row home with wall to wall beige. We made it ours and we made it awesome.

Choosing the right &*$#? paint color for your walls

Apparently, there’s such a thing as a “color of the year.” A bunch of people at Pantone get paid to travel the world, tour private fashion and decoration events, and BAM!, they barf up a color. They say it’s science, I think it’s bullshit. If you don’t want to become one of those Pantone cultist and actually live with your colors more than 12 months, here’s a handful of advice from a girl who learned how to pick the right color through trials and errors.

Find your room’s color palette from within a photo

We found a really awesome way to choose wedding colors and shared it over on Offbeat Bride. But it’s totally useful for choosing colors for your home, too! There are fun little tools called color generators that will extract the main colors of a photo for you, allowing you to snag and save them for your decor and wall color shopping trips.

Color blocked, Mondrian-style, Skittles-paletted mid-century home decor

I am losing my shit over this impeccably restored period home in Denver, Colorado. Not only is the home a mid-century modern dream, but it’s been decorated — inside AND out — in color-blocked, Mondrian-style, using a Skittles palette colors of bright reds, yellows, greens, and oranges.

If you’d like to be schooled on color-block decor, come drool all the fuck over this 1952 ranch home.

My favorite color is this combination of colors

Over the past year, I’ve favorited a lot of photos containing this color combination. Some of them are of actual interiors, or homes, or at least buildings, but some of them are of waterfalls over tunnels in sides of mountains in China.

So short of having straight up torches on the walls or just living on a window-washer platform outside my apartment, forever looking in at dusk, how do I replicate that kind of light?

Spa green + zebra print = soothing but badass palette

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a zebra print combined with this super soothing green color… the effect is simultaneously a totally relaxing but also a little bit badass. Of course it says something that this room was designed for a teenager, BUT I LOVE IT.

And wait until you see the bathroom

Oranges! Blues! Feet! Dogs! Tiny lizards! All this week in our reader photos.

Happy Monday, Homies! Good to see you back. In this week’s photos we have a lot of COLOR, and in this week’s Clicky Links there’s a lot of helpful hints.

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