I want to believe: it’s time for an alien abduction maternity shoot

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When it comes to maternity photography, I really dig on sessions that leave you with fifty or so photos of magical baby-on-the-way splendor. Or… I thought I did, until I saw the three photos from this alien abduction maternity shoot produced by digital genius ND Photography:

Says Nicole, “My husband and I have always been fascinated by the super natural. When kicking around ideas for a maternity shoot my husband, in a passing comment, said he would like to see me being abducted by a alien space ship. Little did he know I was going to do everything I can to make this happen. I found a photographer that specializes in special effects photography, and here are the results.”

AND the pets are included. YES YES YES.

I love that the whole gang, included dogs Zeke and Lexie, are included in the alien abducting fun. Nicole emailed me and said they had their daughter, Taylor, last Monday… which basically has me wondering how long we’ll have to wait until the first shot of Taylor boarding a spaceship will appear.

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  1. this is sort of terrifying to me because i have a recurring nightmare about my son and/or me getting abducted by aliens. the aliens are never friendly. 🙁

    fun photoshoot, though!

    • EEEP! I didn’t see the alien at first, but when I did I got all creeped out…. I secretly think my baby is an alien, she’s kinda creepy sometimes!!!! O_o

      Awesome photo shot, though! Makes me want to a fantasy family portrait!

  2. This photo shoot is pretty excellent; the levitation scene is the best bit!

    At the risk of taking this far too seriously, but with a desire to reassure the folks who commented before me: there’s no evidence that extraterrestrials (should they exist somewhere in the universe, which is actually quite likely) have abducted anyone, or even visited the Earth in our lifetimes.

    For every instance where someone has had an experience that he or she believes is the work of beings from another world, there has always been a more probable cause – for every mystery, the simplest explanation is always the most likely, and aliens (or ghosts, or time travelers, or unicorns) are decidedly not in that category.

    More intelligent discussion on this topic from Carl Sagan: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/space/sagan-alien-abduction.html

    Alright then – back to parenting our son, who is decidedly human, but certainly *acts* otherworldly at times. Hopefully I’ve provided some comfort to those nervously watching the skies.

  3. We have some good friends who are professional photographers. When I do get pregnant, I want to have maternity photos taken the whole way through, with some kind of theme like this. Now I just need to figure out the theme!

    • PS, I just want to be clear: We do intend to pay these friends for their time, as professionals. I’m just saying that since they are our friends, and we interact with them regularly, it would be more acceptable and even POSSIBLE to do a number of 15-20 minute shoots and get baby-bump at a few difference stages of gestation rather than doing a single longer photoshoot.

  4. Thank you everyone for the kind words about this shoot. We had sooo much fun with it. I currently have all three of these images framed above our fireplace! :))

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