I’m plotzing over the untouched 1955 period details in this house

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All photos courtesy of the listing on Redfin.com
All photos courtesy of the listing on Redfin.com

Do you know what my three favorite words are when it comes to real estate? “Untouched period details.” Ungggggggg, yeah baby. Check out that sweet sweet original front door action! How could you not love that!?

Oh hai, sexy original mid-century front door.
Oh hai, sexy original mid-century front door.

Fellow lovers of the mid-century modern aesthetic are going to absolutely plotz when they see this 1955 time capsule home that I found in Glendale, California…

1955 glendale living room 1

1955 glendale living room from dining

1955 glendale living room


1955 glendale dining area

SIgh, I love those long skinny bricks...
SIgh, I love those long skinny bricks…

1955 glendale kitchen

You cover me while I steal this light fixture, k?
You cover me while I steal this light fixture, k?

1955 glendale staircase

1955 glendale rec room

1955 glendale bedroom 1

I see you there, wall of original closets. And I like you.
I see you there, wall of original closets. And I like you.
I also like that dresser.
I also like that dresser.

1955 glendale bathroom 1

1955 glendale bathroom 2



Oh little Glendale house. I hope whoever buys you keeps your original details in tact…

Comments on I’m plotzing over the untouched 1955 period details in this house

  1. Oh kitchen and bathroom how you speak to me. Bunnings can keep their boring as bat shit shiny white kitchens I want colour!!

  2. Love this! I’m especially in love with the couch and the art above it. Does anybody have some tips on DIYing either one?

  3. Haha, I love these real estate posts, but dang, there is really not a single thing about this house that I like. Apparently mid-century modern is NOT my thing…. But keep posting! 🙂

    • Not my thing either. I can certainly appreciate the look, and I’m glad it is preserved. I can appreciate it as museum piece. I wouldn’t want to live there. My preferred style is from a much earlier period. Victorian era details appeal more to me, though a Victorian house generally does need a certain amount of updating to be usable in the modern era.

      Please keep posting real estate stuff, and if you could vary the style a bit that would be really cool. Mid-century modern is great, but some variety would be great too. If I were at a stage in my life where I was looking to buy a house I’d contribute photos of places I was looking at, but I’m not there yet. I could make a guest post of the outsides of the really cool houses here in Boston, but a post of just the outsides of places might be kinda boring. Of course there are real estate sites that show the insides, but finding the places that know how to take decent pictures seems to be problematic to say the least.

      And, I’m rambling.

  4. I love how this home is like “ooh, nice new building material. LET’S USE IT FRICKIN’ EVERY-DAMN-WHERE. Orange tile? EVERYWHERE. Wood trim? New, inventive ways to put it EVERYWHERE. Glazed terra cotta flooring? ALLLLLLLL THE WHERES.”

      • It’s baffling to me that the bathroom has carpet in front of the sinks. Why is that one of the only places they didn’t use the tiles??

        • Especially while using tiles behind where you would hang towels so dampness doesn’t get on the walls? (which, by the way, is freaking genius and I’m implementing as soon as a I buy a house).

  5. Love some of this. I’m not the biggest fan of all the wood everywhere, mostly because it’s so dark. I mean, it’s hugely awesome to see in pictures, but I don’t think I could actually handle living somewhere with wood paneling in the bathroom. Love the staircase and stonework though. Orange tile is okay with me too. 🙂

  6. I love this so, so much. I wouldn’t change it. I would just add accents and a lovely garden.

  7. It’s amazing how different mid-century style furniture looks in a mid-century style home, rather than just plopped in the middle of a modern apartment like I usually see it. It looks like it fits!

  8. I didn’t thought that such a lovely houses have been left somewhere. According to me, this house is worth every penny that the homeowner can ask for. For me the only problem is maintaining the floor, cause it’s from tiles and will need regular cleaning. But! Every beautiful thing in this life has a price, this home has its as well!

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