Monday Moment: 1 weird couch, 1 bright wall, and 11 pillows

Updated Oct 12 2015

Umräumen zwischen den TagenMoments can be awesome, even if they're casually arranged! This one from frequent Home Flickr Pool contributor, Mareike Scharmer looks scattered and AWESOME. One chair + 11 pillows + a crazy-ass accent wall = I LOVE THIS SHIT! It's only made better by the fact that the sofa has fucking feet! I feel like this is moment is straight out of a trippy Yellow Submarine-esque drawing and I just want to step inside of it and flop around on that couch and drown in all those vibrant pillows.

Now, anyone else want to let me virtually flop around in your living room moment? Leave links to photos in the comments, submit a photo to our Flickr pool, or write us a guest post, Homies!

  1. Dude! Just went over to her blog and it doesn't even matter that it's in a different language – there is so much awesomeness!

  2. Ooh, I wish I could have a couch like that! Too bad it would turn from awesome-green into dog-hair-grey in about a day… Any chance we could get a post on funky slip covers?

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